Building a Business Plan
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 9

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Before we wrap it up, I’ve got a small piece of information to share here that didn’t really warrant its own lesson.

Remember that appendix we mentioned a few times?

That’s what you call the additional content at the end of your business plan that you referenced, but didn’t really talk about in full detail.

Examples include financial documents like projected expense reports, balance sheets, and cash flow reports, to name a few.

It’s also the place for miscellaneous documents like résumés, leases, letters of reference, or important legal documents.

Compile those documents together and add them to your business plan, complete with executive summary in its proper place.

Make sure you proofread the entire document, then send it to someone on your team, or a trusted family member, and have them proof it, too.

And that’s your business plan!

Now that you’ve finished learning about all the components of a successful business plan, it’s time to create your own!

Check out the resources below this video for downloads and links to additional resources.

And just remember, not everything we are providing needs to be used. Use as many of our resources as you find helpful.

As long as you are thinking strategically about your business plan, you are on the right track.

When you’ve finished, simply return to the Knight School homepage to select your next learning experience.

Thanks for watching!

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