Interested in Selling Insurance | Lesson 3

What Does an FMO Do for Insurance Agents?

Working with an FMO offers support, tools, and services that independent agents can’t always access on their own.

And that’s probably the biggest thing I want to stress here. Just because you’re in business for yourself, that doesn’t mean that every aspect of your business is on you. A field marketing organization should be able to take a good portion of work off of your shoulders.

Here at Ritter, we do that by starting out with Sales Support. We help agents wherever they’re at in their insurance career – just getting started, or career agents interested in offering a new product.

We’ll help you figure out your market and your portfolio.

We’ve got teams assigned to different regions in the country, so they’re familiar with the markets you’re working in, wherever that happens to be. Our experts also know Medicare and Life Insurance products inside and out. We’ll help you choose the products for your portfolio so you can focus on selling!

When it comes down to it, an FMO succeeds and generates more income as their agents succeed and generate more income.

So, your success is our success.

We’re invested in growing your business and providing the avenues to help you do it!

Field marketing organizations also offer back office support. Think along the lines of administrative tasks; we have entire teams dedicated to helping you accomplish those tasks. Our teams help with online contracting, commission inquiries, agent education and training, new business support, Medicare lead opportunities, building and growing your agency, even access to co-op marketing dollars!

Most FMOs also aim to relay insurance news to their independent agents. And we do the same! For our agents, we publish the Agent Survival Guide blog and podcast. Both are updated frequently with compliance updates, new products, and helpful tips for selling insurance!

We love providing the convenience of all of these essential services in one place, rather than working with each carrier individually. And we think you will, too. Additionally, each FMO, IMO, or NMO in business out there offers its own unique tools and services.

We put an emphasis on technology and simplifying business processes here at Ritter. What does that look like for our agents?

Our Medicare quote engine helps agents run quotes and identify plans for clients prior to meetings.

Agents can offer compliant online enrollments through our Shop & Enroll sales platform, plus you get a FREE website in the process.

We created an agent dashboard, the Ritter Platform, which keeps agents updated on contracts, commission payments, and select application submissions.

The Ritter Platform also includes a built-in CRM, or customer relationship management system that integrates with Shop & Enroll.

That’s a high-level look at what we’ve got to offer our agents. We go into further detail in other Knight School modules, so keep watching!

Up next, we’ll talk about what you should look for when it comes to choosing the FMO that’s right for you.

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