Expand & Dominate | Lesson 4

Cross-Selling Dental, Vision, and Hearing (DVH) Insurance

First up on our ancillary list, we’ll cover the product that most of your clients are already familiar with: dental, vision, and hearing insurance, DVH for short.

DVH insurance is a benefit that is not covered by Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans. And while some Medicare Advantage plans do offer certain dental benefits, they often lack the comprehensive coverage your clients were used to pre-Medicare.

Most DVH plans cover all three benefits, dental, vision, and hearing, but there are individual plans that offer dental and vision coverage.

These ancillary plans have a deductible, set allowances for exams or supplies, cost-sharing, and scaled benefits that increase from year to year.

Common dental, vision, and hearing plan benefits include coverage for routine dental services and most dental supplies, routine eye and hearing exams and treatments, network savings, provider choice, calendar-year maximum benefit, and no underwriting on guaranteed issue plans.

DVH plans pair well with both Traditional Medicare with or without a Med Supp, as well as Medicare Advantage coverage.

Bringing this ancillary product into the conversation is easier than others because it’s more familiar to your clients.

They’re likely used to going to the dentist and eye doctor, if for nothing more than routine exams and checkups.

Starting the conversation can be as easy as noticing that your client wears glasses and making mention of it. Then, transition into asking how often they visit their provider. From there, you can ask if they have coverage for those visits, and maybe even who they have it with.

If they’re new to Medicare, it’s possible they might not know about their limited benefits.

This is where education is key. Have pamphlets on hand and be prepared to let your clients know about the common DVH benefits we mentioned earlier. Let them know there’s evidence that good oral health and eye health can be linked to good overall health!

And if your clients are currently enrolled in a DVH plan, you can always check to make sure they’re in the best option for their budget and their needs.

Last but not least, don’t forget that you have resources here at Ritter! Reach out to our More than Medicare team; we’re ready to help you review your portfolio and select competitive DVH products in your market.

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