Expand & Dominate | Lesson 3

Let's Talk Fact-Finder

Before we get into the ancillary products you can add to your portfolio, we need to talk strategy.

When it comes to cross-selling, your biggest strategy is something called fact-finding.

It works like this, in order to make truly educated recommendations to your clients, you need to know them.

And you learn that through fact-finding, asking questions, listening to your client’s answers, and getting to know them.

You’ll learn their feelings about key decisions and common concerns, and the more you meet and talk, opportunities will present themselves to bring ancillary products into the conversation.

This strategy would not be complete without our fact-finder worksheet.

It helps you learn what questions you should be working into the conversation and gives you a way to collect and organize those answers. Then, before you meet with your client again, you have a record that you can review to make sure you’re making sound recommendations.

Why do we recommend this strategy?

Fact-finding flips the script of you being thought of as a salesperson. With this method, you’re more akin to a trusted advisor, there to help your client make an educated decision about their coverage.

To get your own fact-finder template, just click on the link on the screen, visit the Knight School resources page, or reach out to a member of our ancillary team here at Ritter.

Now, on to the products!

Download Ritter’s Fact-Finder Worksheet

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