Expand & Dominate | Lesson 12

Cross-Selling Non-Medicare Ancillary Insurance

In addition to ancillary products that work alongside Medicare plans, there are some that pair with plans for the under 65 set.

For example, insurance in case of serious illness or injury – disability insurance.

This type of product replaces the policyholder’s income in the event that they get seriously ill or severely injured. It could provide enough income to cover bills while recovering. It may even kick in if your client can still work, just in a limited capacity.

And even better, disability insurance is designed to compliment social security disability insurance.

Think of it as a necessity for clients in manual labor or specialized positions, especially if your client works in an injury-prone profession.

This particular product, as we said, is not available for seniors, but it can pair with regular health insurance for your clients who may be under the age of 65.

Another example of under 65 coverage that works well as a cross-sale is short-term medical insurance.

This is a great option for your clients who do not have health insurance anymore, but are too young to qualify for Medicare, so think a 63- or 64-year-old who has retired.

A short-term medical plan is similar to having regular standard health coverage and lasts for a year or less.

Adding plans like these to your portfolio can come in handy as you’re talking with your client about potentially covering other family members through the same one-stop shop – your portfolio!

The more diverse your portfolio, the more cross-sales you’ll be able to make!

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