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In any type of business, client retention is just as important as taking on new clients. In the insurance world, once a sale is closed, your duty as an agent isn’t over.

You still need to make sure you check in with your clients from time to time to maintain strong relationships.

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This blog features posts about the importance of keeping in touch with your clients, why it should be your top priority and client retention using digital communication. Now, in this post, we want to provide you with materials you can use to make this effort a little easier for you. The templates you will read about below will feature your contact information and the messages can be personalized. These materials are to be used for client retention to further strengthen the relationships with clients you already have in your book of business. We know how busy your day-to-day can be, so let Ritter help you out!

Email Template for Client Check-In

Sending an email to check in on your existing clients is a simple way to maintain relationships. We have developed a template you can use and feel free to personalize. Sometimes words come easier when you have something to reference! Check-ins like this can be done after a sale, during difficult times, or just out of the blue to let your clients know you haven’t forgotten about them!

Download the template here

Postcard to Stay Connected

A postcard is another great gesture when trying to keep in touch with clients you already have an established relationship with. Your mail pile probably consists of mostly bills and catalogs, so it’s exciting when you receive something personal and especially for you! You can make your clients feel valued by sending out the postcard Ritter has developed for you to use. Like the email, you can put your own spin on it, should you choose. If not, then this is ready to go out to your contacts!

Postcard Sample 1 Postcard Sample 2

Call 800-769-1847 or request templates from your Ritter Sales Rep

Letter to Mail to Your Book of Business

Same with the postcard, a letter is nice to receive in the mail. It can brighten your clients’ days and let them know they are not alone. And like any of these communications, it could spark a reminder that they have a question about a benefit on their plan, or it will keep you fresh in their minds when their friends ask them if they have any recommendations for an insurance agent!

Call 800-769-1847 or request templates from your Ritter Sales Rep

Phone Scripts to Keep in Contact with Clients

Finally, a phone call is another simple way to stay connected to clients within your book of business. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you want to say, but our phone scripts can remedy that! Incorporating retention calls in with your lead calls or blocking out an hour a week to touch base with your current client list will make a great impression and help to maintain these important relationships.

A little tip to keep in mind – remember that your Medicare-aged beneficiaries may hold a different schedule then those in the working world. Be mindful of the time you are calling. Stay away from calling in the early morning, the lunchtime hour and later in the evening.

Download the call script here

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Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your current clients is essential to the success of your business. Your clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll keep ahold of strong client relationships. By using these templates we have available, the task will be easier than ever!

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