Marketplace Training Resources for Health Insurance Agents

You’ve completed the FFM certification, but are you still looking to learn more about the marketplace? We can help you with that!

At Ritter, we’re committed to helping our agents launch successful careers, so we’ve created many materials for agents to increase their knowledge of the marketplace.

Keep reading to explore how to push your Affordable Care Act (ACA) career to the next level.

Ritter Marketplace Training Resources

We’ve created many resources for agents looking to enter the under-65 marketplace or learn more about selling these products. Explore what we have to offer our agents!

The Complete Guide to Selling Affordable Care Act Insurance Plans

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to making ACA insurance sales for agents who are looking to get into this business for the first time. This is also a great resource for agents who have been selling marketplace insurance plans but are looking to take their sales to the next level.

In the eBook, we discuss:

  • Why sell ACA plans?
  • How to market ACA plans
  • The future of the ACA
  • Preparing to sell ACA plans
  • Finding the right ACA plan for your client
  • How to make the most of ACA sales

We’ve also included a call script to help with making your first sales calls, a customizable appointment card, a referral letter to send Medicare clients, an ACA plan comparison chart, and compliance resources!

One reader, Nibondh V., described The Complete Guide to Selling Affordable Care Act Insurance Plans as, “a beautiful manual! It is so elegant, professional, and informative.”

Download your free copy of the ACA eBook!

Knight School ACA Lessons

Knight School is our online training resource for insurance agents. These training courses are free to access at any time. We have modules that cover a wide range of topics including Medicare products, marketing suggestions, business practices, and more.

Learn the basics of health insurance marketplace sales with our module, ACA Basics!

Knight School by RitterIM

Our Under-65 Health Manager, Danica Stover, will walk you through the basics of the ACA market, how plans are structured, and how to get started selling these products. Start your Knight School quest today!

The Ritter Blog

We cover a variety of topics on the Ritter blog, and we are focused on staying up to date with important changes that agents need to know. We’ve written many ACA-focused blog posts that cover everything from federal training, key legislation, essential knowledge, and marketing suggestions for agents.

Every year, we report on how the ACA market is doing and what we predict may influence the marketplaces the most. You can read our State of the ACA Market post to learn about the changes coming to the market.

Check out our Surviving OEP page to read the critical posts and resources that will help your ACA business. We rotate content on this page to reflect important information at different points of the year.

The Agent Survival Guide Podcast

As a busy insurance agent, sometimes it’s easier to listen to a podcast episode on the go. Ritter’s Agent Survival Guide Podcast is essential to agents looking to make the next step in their career.

Start your journey towards surviving today, and thriving tomorrow, by listening to the ASG Podcast!

For ACA agents, we recommend starting with the episode on FFM training, the Friday Five episode covering the ACA marketplace, and this episode with marketing tips for agents!

The ASG podcast covers ACA-related topics, Medicare insurance products, supplemental insurance, compliance updates, and sales strategies. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean.

Ritter Docs

Ritter Docs is home to carrier pages that host carrier websites and other helpful information about specific carriers. There, we have a dedicated Under-65 Health page with all of the ACA info you could need to get started in the marketplace. Ritter Docs also hosts an on-demand training library that includes videos covering additional agent training, product information, and recaps of recent events!

Ritter Docs is free for all Ritter agents, but if you’re not already signed up, register today to have access!

Ritter’s Under-65 Sales Team

We’ve assembled the brightest minds in ACA sales to create our dedicated under-65 sales team. Our sales team are your advocates for your best portfolio. Reach out to your sales rep for a portfolio review to make sure you have the most competitive contracts in your market.

Our ACA team also hosts frequent trainings and events throughout the year, if you’re interested in learning more. Our ACA Market Forum is a great event to learn more about the marketplace and recent updates. Check out the Office Hours webinar to hear more from the Under-65 Sales team! You can contact your sales specialist to connect with them!

The Under-65 team also hosts trainings and webinars for Ritter agents to expand their knowledge of the industry. If you’re not already a Ritter agent, it’s free to sign up to have full access to our events and our knowledgeable sales team!

ATTENTION: We’re hosting a major in-person under-65 event later this year. Stay tuned for updates!

Additional ACA Training Resources

There are many ACA training resources available from other organizations for agents looking to step into this product type for the first time.


We’re big supporters of HealthSherpa for their one-stop training and enrollment platform for agents looking to simplify their enrollments. HealthSherpa offers training webinars and other resources for agents. We have an excellent partnership with them if you’re interested in adding an agency account! A Ritter login is required to access these instructions.


Another training opportunity is directly from AHIP, which you may already be familiar with. Their Health Insurance Exchanges and the Affordable Care Act training is a great option for agents looking to expand their knowledge of the ACA. If you’re already an AHIP member, the fee for this course is discounted, but non-members are also eligible to take the training. This course is a self-paced online program that is three and a half hours long with one exam.

By completing this training, you’ll have a full understanding of the ACA and the exchanges. You’ll also learn how agents and brokers can empower individuals signing up for affordable health care coverage. This training counts towards the Healthcare Compliance Professional (HCP) designation, if you’re interested in continuing the program. AHIP recommends this training course to agents and brokers looking to further their knowledge.

Health Reform: Beyond the Basics

Health Reform: Beyond the Basics is a resource project, sponsored by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, that provides training and resources for agents selling marketplace products. Standout tools include resources on eligibility guidelines, the enrollment process for marketplace coverage, Medicaid basics, and information about CHIP. We recommend marketplace agents check out the SEP Reference Chart and the Yearly Income Guidelines documents.

If you’re interested in selling ACA products, getting familiar with can be helpful to better educate your clients. They have excellent blog posts that cover a variety of topics for clients and agents. These can be a great place to learn general knowledge about marketplace coverage. also features helpful pages to troubleshoot or find answers for any issues you or your client may be having. Be aware that a large portion of is aimed towards consumers.

● ● ●

At Ritter, we’re always striving to make sure that you have the tools you need to feel confident in your business. This is an excellent time to become a Ritter agent and take advantage of the resources we’ve listed. If you’re already a Ritter agent, contact your sales rep to hear more about ACA training resources. We’re excited to see your new success!

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