Four Ancillary Cross-Sales to Show Clients You Care

As Major League Baseball warms up with spring training, it’s a good time to refine your selling game as well.

You can think of the Annual Enrollment Period as the regular season, and this is your time to work on your business without the pressure of a deadline.

Your clients will be looking to you for advice, and you’ve got to be their resource. So, put money aside for a minute and think about how you can best support your team of clients. You’re the coach who helps them make the right decisions about their health care. We’re the coach that preps you for success out in the field.

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Meet Your Match-Ups

Here are the best ancillary products to pair with Medicare.

1. Dental, Vision, and Hearing

Medicare Supplements don’t offer DVH coverage in their plans, making this a perfect combination for clients on Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans usually only cover preventive dental care, so a DVH plan can benefit clients who are looking for more comprehensive coverage.

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2. Hospital Indemnity

Money should be the last thing your client has to think about while they’re in the hospital. But, unfortunately, Medicare Advantage leaves your clients exposed to out-of-pocket payments for the first several days they’re admitted. Ease the burden with a hospital indemnity plan so they can get back to feeling 100 percent.

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3. Short-Term Care

In most cases, Medicare Advantage plans and Original Medicare only cover the first 20 days of home health care or nursing home stays. After that period, the patient is responsible for part of or all of the costs. Short-term care insurance is a great solution for clients who need up to a year’s worth of coverage.

Medicare doesn’t cover everything! STCi is a great solution for clients who need up to a year of coverage

4. Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke or Critical Illness

Serious health issues call for serious coverage. Help protect your clients from big hospital expenses with one of these supplemental plans. The peace of mind will allow them to focus on what matters most – their recovery.

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The Value of Cross-Sales

Cross-selling ancillary products is the ultimate winning strategy. Your clients will feel more comfortable knowing their needs are covered and services will be affordable when they need them, plus you earn some extra commission in the process. (Happy clients are also more likely to recruit their friends!)

Bring your A-game to your next appointment with the right support for your clients. When you offer them a product that saves them money and provides additional benefits, they’ll know you’ve got their back. And that’s the kind of relationship you need to become a better coach for your team!

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