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Here’s a brief overview of several advantages you’ve unlocked by creating your account with Ritter. We’ll just be scratching the surface, but this is a great place to start!

The Ritter Platform

Now that you’re registered with Ritter, our Platform is where you’ll spend most of your time using our resources. Our high-functioning customer relationship management (CRM) software holds all of the sales tools and applications you’ll need to close sales and grow your business. From gaining insight into your submissions to checking your commissions, it’s all housed in this one easy-to-use system.

Below we’ve highlighted some of what you’ll find in the Platform.


The Clients tab of the Platform is where you’ll maintain your book of business. In this view, you can upload clients’ info, add notes, track their purchased products, and create tasks. It’s important to keep detailed client records to not only ensure you’re doing a thorough job, but also because details from your clients’ records can be pulled for tailored plan quoting and prefilled enrollment applications!

Medicare Quote Engine

Compare plan options with ease using our Medicare Quote Engine! Simply filter by age, location, rating, and plan type to gather rates and compare multiple plans simultaneously. Our quoting tool also has a built-in Drug Cost Estimator and provider lookup function so you can provide comprehensive plan quoting and insight to your clients in one fell swoop.

And don’t let its name fool you, the Platform’s Quote tool also provides detailed results for Final Expense/Whole Life plans.


This call capturing tool is built into the Platform and allows you to easily record and store both outbound and inbound calls, including plan presentations. Outbound calling is easily accessible through the Platform’s Clients tab and your unique inbound phone number is generated in seconds from your agent profile. CallVault allows you to seamlessly remain compliant without skipping a beat in your sales process!

The CallVault compliant call recording feature is available today to all agents registered with RitterIM.com.

Online Contracting with Contract Now

We’ve made the process of partnering with carriers quick and easy. Using our Contract Now feature, you can fill your portfolio with a diverse selection of great plan options without all of the stress paperwork can bring. Choose online contracting from our 120-plus competitive carriers and store multiple contracting requests at once for convenient batch completion.

Newly registered with Ritter and ready to unlock fully online contracting through Contract Now? Have a conversation with your sales specialist.

Carrier Events

Opportunities to learn and expand your skills are always at your fingertips in the Platform. Our events tile on the home page of the Platform provides registration for the top product and technology trainings available from Ritter and many of our competitive carriers!

Ritter Docs

We created a hub filled with helpful documents and training resources, covering information you want to know on our tools, carriers, products, and more!

Compliance Resources

Now is a good time to mention Ritter’s Code of Conduct and Agent Handbook that be found in the Compliance section of Ritter Docs! We appreciate the importance of compliance, so we’ve compiled Ritter, carrier, and insurance compliance resources in one convenient location for easy and quick access!

Carrier Pages

You can also access our carrier pages, under the Products tab in Ritter Docs, which are filled with helpful information like contact info, certification questions and answers, convenient web links, and more. The information on these pages allows you to spend more time with your clients and less time searching the web for answers.

Release Notes

Our in-house development team consistently works to enhance our tools to make them the best they can be! The Release Notes highlight new features and resolved issues so you can be in the loop and use our resources to their highest potential.

Shop & Enroll

Along with the Platform and other Ritter Resources, our cutting-edge and CMS-compliant quoting and enrollment tool is available to all Ritter agents with a qualifying contract (see the list here)! With your own free Shop & Enroll site, you can collect electronic Scopes of Appointment, market your business with your own hassle-free website, and provide your clients a platform to compare plans from various carriers and enroll online in minutes. And since Shop & Enroll is integrated within the Platform, your work between these two tools is seamless!

Integrity Tools

Following our exciting partnership with Integrity in June 2022, every Ritter agent gained access to even more resources and technology to facilitate sales and growth opportunities for their business.


Integrity’s powerful and easy-to-use platform provides a convenient way to better serve your clients and advance your business. This all-inclusive interface enables key sales features like call recording capabilities, client tracking at a glance, integrated plan quoting and enrollment and more. MedicareCENTER is the perfect complement to your Shop & Enroll site since Medicare Supplement enrollment is available on this tool!

Learn more about MedicareCENTER


Quality and low-cost life and health insurance leads are now available right at your fingertips with LeadCENTER. Integrity works directly with lead providers and their own proprietary sources in order to make new and exclusive nationwide leads easily accessible to you. Simply search for product-specific leads by location for purchase and then track all of your lead information using the built-in CRM.

Learn more about LeadCENTER

Educational Resources

We take pride in providing top-of-the-line resources to help you learn and thrive within the insurance industry!

Ritter Blog

Of course, we have to give our blog a shoutout! You’re here reading this, so we’re glad you’ve found your way to Ritter. This resource is crafted with you in mind, as it features posts on industry trends and tips to help you improve your sales strategy and achieve success.

If you’re looking for learning on the go, you’re in luck! Our Ritter blog also has a podcast! You can listen to our posts as well as catch exclusive content, like interviews with industry experts and The Friday Five!

eBooks and Guides

Our digital library houses the perfect educational companions to your sales efforts! All new Ritter agents get our Mastering Medicare Sales eBook series upon registration, but if you’re looking for more, we’ve got it. From diving into ACA sales to learning about starting your own insurance agency, our eBooks and guides are an indispensable source of knowledge.

Once you’ve logged in to the Platform, whenever you visit RitterIM.com/guides, you can download any of our eBooks with one click, no further information required!

Knight School

This unique training experience makes learning about selling insurance fun! Five guided pathways break down core elements of product fundamentals and sales strategies. With the use of videos and downloadable resources, you can expand your knowledge at your pace, wherever you are.

Ready to learn more about how Knight School can help you elevate your career? Download our Knight School guide and start preparing today!

● ● ●

In addition to these exciting Ritter tools and resources, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready and eager to assist you. We’re so glad you’re ready to work with Ritter. Our mission is to help you succeed, and we can’t wait to get started!

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