Building Client Loyalty: More than Just a Plan

Client loyalty can make or break a business. Building relationships with people that are relying on an agent to guide them through the choppy waters of health care coverage makes all the difference. It’s what gives one person an overstuffed book of business, while the other is sitting and waiting for their phone to ring.

But how can you establish that trust with clients? Consider these tips.

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Customer Service is Paramount

It’s important to remember that a client does not have an obligation to stay with the same insurance agent. If they want a different plan or new product, they could be knocking on someone else’s door for advice. Seeing as plans can vary and change, selling health insurance is not just about having great products to offer. It’s about being a great person to work with.

Great customer service and attention to a client’s needs is critical to building loyalty. What’s more, satisfied clients likely mean friend or family referrals, which creates leads and more revenue for an agent, which, of course, means continual commissions and a self-perpetuating book of business.

Following Up is a Good Touch

When the rush of the Annual Enrollment Period subsides, it can be hard to resist throwing up plan pamphlets graduation-style and kicking it back for the holidays. Keeping up with your clients after the holiday season, however, can really help establish a relationship that turns a client into a loyal customer.

Try calling after the holiday frenzy to follow up with clients on how their new Medicare Advantage plan is faring. If they’re unsatisfied with their coverage, inform them about the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period which runs from January 1 until March 31.

Furthermore, some clients may not be aware of their other options, which is an open opportunity to further prove your helpfulness. Let clients know what other products you carry. Find out what they have questions about and offer to investigate. Otherwise, they may find another agent to serve them with other products.

For instance, you could recommend a hospital indemnity plan that covers holes in coverage and limits out-of-pocket exposure, a long-term care plan, or a life and annuities plan. This could mean additional commissions to the business you have already written.

Thoughtfulness Goes a Long Way

Adding a personal touch by writing Christmas letters, thank you cards, birthday cards, email newsletters, or even making a courtesy visit with loyal clients exhibits your thankfulness for their business.

Ritter’s CRM, available via the Clients feature in the Ritter Platform, is a great tool to add clients’ information to track birthdates for birthday cards and other pertinent information for recording purposes.

Be More than Just an Agent

Being an insurance agent isn’t just about lead generation and writing business — it’s about being trustworthy and guiding them with their health care. Clients deserve more attention than just their initial appointment. By taking care of them with superior service, your business will flourish. Be more than just an agent, and your clients will start to see you that way – and that’s what will make you indispensable!

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