Why sell ACA Marketplace products?

  • Commissions are high and paid per member, per month
  • Typically, only requires one FREE certification (Federally Facilitated Marketplace Training)
  • More people are eligible for ACA subsidies than ever before
  • These plans will work well with Medicare and ancillary portfolios for clients under 65

Want to learn more about selling ACA Marketplace products? Check out our comprehensive agent eBook, The Complete Guide to Selling Affordable Care Act Insurance Plans.

Why sell ACA Marketplace products with Ritter?

  • We provide dedicated support from our Under-65 Health team and sales specialists!
  • We offer competitive contracts from a growing list of Under-65 Health carriers.
  • Our agents have exclusive access to our tech tools like the Ritter Platform, our proprietary CRM.

Don’t limit your sales potential by not having contracts for your clients under the age of 65, ensure you can insure anybody at any age by selling these plans today.

Our Under-65 Health Team is ready to assist you at any step in your sales journey and dedicated to helping find the perfect products for your portfolio.