Why sell LTCi with Ritter?

  • More than half of people turning 65 by 2019 will require long-term care during their lifetimes.
  • About 15 million Americans are expected to have a long-term care need by 2050.
  • LTCi plans are much more affordable and attainable before a client’s health deteriorates.

Ritter is at the forefront of the long-term care insurance industry. Our carrier partners lead the way with traditional products and long-term care alternatives such as hybrid and annuity/LTCi combination products. As the LTC landscape changes, our partners continue to develop innovative ways to provide essential coverage to a growing population.

For Professional LTC Help please contact our strategic partners at Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB) at 800-724-8977:

  • Traditional LTC support - Melissa Frasier x115
  • Traditional LTC & Linked Benefit support - Jennifer Brown x126
  • Linked Benefit Support - David Michalski x100
  • Agents may also request service and support via at [email protected]

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Have clients who want to have a safe plan in place for the future? Our long-term care team knows just where to start.