Why sell final expense insurance?

  • This product is easy to explain to clients because many are already familiar with life insurance.
  • A traditional funeral can cost up to $10,000, but many people don’t have the money available that they’d need to cover funeral and burial costs of a loved one.
  • You can sell final expense insurance in person or over the phone!

How does Ritter make final expense sales easy?

  • We’ll help you buy quality final expense leads from credible companies.
  • Ritter teaches you numerous ways you can generate free leads on your own!
  • Our expert staff knows our product lineup top to bottom, and provides one-to-one sales training and support.

Final expense insurance is one product that’s easy for new agents to learn and great for seasoned agents looking to expand their portfolio and increase their income.

Give your clients some peace of mind with an assortment of competitive final expense plans.