Understanding Special Needs Plans
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 5

D-SNP Prospecting

Once you’re certified and ready to offer D-SNPs, you need to get in front of some clients!

While we cover some general prospecting principles in another module, we wanted to take a moment and provide some special considerations when offering these special needs plans.

First things first, before you begin prospecting for dual-eligible clients, you’ll want to review your market to verify if that is the right strategy for your business.

We’d recommend verifying that you have D-SNP options in your market, because you can’t sell what isn’t there.

Additionally, consider the demographics of your market. Are you marketing in a low-income area, or is it more affluent?

You’ll want to ensure that your market has the plans available, and the client base to give you a return on your marketing investment.

Once you’ve reviewed your market, you can think through your strategy.

Consider the clients you are marketing your services to.

Where can you find them?

Since Social Security distributes payments near the beginning of the month, you can find potential clients in areas where they are more likely to spend those funds early in the month.

Think of the dollar store, discount stores, or even thrift shops or flea markets.

Then as they use those funds, you may be able to find them at other support organizations like food banks or soup kitchens.

And throughout the month you may find them at charitable events, faith-based organizations, or community events like senior expos or health fairs.

Once you’ve identified where your potential clients are, it’s time to get involved.

One of the best ways to build a D-SNP book of business with lasting relationships, is to serve this community and become a trusted community member and advisor.

Serve at your local food bank or set up a table at a flea market to answer Medicare questions and cement your brand as a trusted resource for Medicare in your community.

Your involvement and care for your community will help differentiate you from any competition that is just trying to make a sale!

Speaking of competition, you will want to put a special emphasis on customer service when working with dual-eligible beneficiaries.

The ongoing SEP for dual-eligible beneficiaries can be a double-edged sword at times: it can provide new selling opportunities but if you don’t take good care of your clients, they could easily go with another agent who is marketing in your territory.

So, whether you are using community engagement or another marketing strategy, you need to go beyond the sale to have lasting success in the D-SNP market.

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