Understanding Original Medicare
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 7

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We covered a lot of important information in this lesson, and I know, not much related to making an actual sale, but it’s essential knowledge that goes into paving the way for a sale to happen.

Talking to a potential client about their options on Original Medicare is part of establishing yourself as a knowledgeable source in the world of Medicare.

Once your client is set up with their Original Medicare coverage, you can move on to discussing those additional coverage options.

Think prescription coverage with a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

Filling out their Original Medicare coverage with a Medicare Supplement.

Maybe it’s getting their Original Medicare coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan with a few extra benefits.

In the next modules, we’ll discuss enrollment time frames, cost, and coverage for each plan type in more detail.

While this does mean that we’ve come to the end of another module, there are more to choose from!

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