Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 1

Understanding Medicare Advantage Intro

Original Medicare is just one option for your clients to receive their Medicare benefits.

Did you know that they could also get their Part A and B benefits through a private insurance company?

In this module, we’re talking about how your clients can get their original Medicare benefits — and so much more — in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Hi, I’m Jake Fyrster, welcome to Knight School!

Medicare Advantage plans have been growing in popularity over the years, steadily increasing since 2005.

In fact, the number of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan has exceeded a third of total Medicare enrollment since 2018!

With numbers like that, and no signs of slowing, we think this is a product you should know about.

In this module, we’ll fill you in on what you should know about Medicare Advantage plans — including the different types of plans, enrollment opportunities, and how they compare to other Medicare options.

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