Prospecting for New Clients
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 3

Prospecting - Strengths and Weaknesses

We just talked about some universal strategies for prospecting success. Now, it’s time to identify what will work specifically for you and your insurance business.

Let’s start with your strengths and weaknesses in relation to potential opportunities.

What does your network look like?

If it’s not as well-developed as you’d like it to be, friends and family are a great place to start.

From there, you can branch out to local organizations, like churches and other religious centers, libraries, and community services to name a few.

A larger network might include affinity partners, another name for adjacent businesses to your own that can provide referrals and vice versa. Think financial planners, property and casualty agents, even pharmacies.

Next up, how do you feel about making presentations? If you really love them, consider educational events or sales events for larger groups of seniors.

If you haven’t explored this option and aren’t sure where to start, we’ve outlined how to compliantly hold both types of events on our Agent Survival Guide blog and podcast and you can find them on the Knight School resources page.

Not a fan of presenting? It’s perfectly OK to leave this option off the table for now.

Third. What is your business background?

Do you have experience in marketing? Efforts in prospecting can include social media, print, grass roots, and even other media you may have experience with.

Sometimes, you just have to get a little bit creative.

For example, on social media, your strategy should be sharing educational information and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable source of information.

But in print, it could be an advertisement for your business in a magazine or newspaper.

What about if you have an existing book of business? Prospecting can look different if you do. You can add a new product that will line up with your existing clients, like adding Dental, Vision, and Hearing plans to your portfolio if you’re mainly a Med Supp agent.

Lastly, where would you like to improve?

Just because you discover a weakness in your strategy, that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. Improving your business sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Do a little introspection and be honest with yourself. Are you missing out on opportunities because of that weakness?

If so, take the time to plan ways you can strengthen your shortcomings. Then, you can start taking advantage of those opportunities, rather than missing out on sales.

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