Getting Ready to Sell
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 6

Application Submissions

Throughout this module, we’ve talked about preparation, with many of our topics covering considerations that need to be made before you take action.

This lesson is no exception.

The point of sale is not the time to decide how you’ll submit the application.

You’ll want to have that process down pat before you make your first sales presentation.

Insurance has gone from an almost exclusively paper and fax machine, or even worse, snail mail enrollment submission process, to a predominantly paper-free process.

Although many carriers will still accept faxed enrollment forms, the ease of use and clarity of e-submission has made a huge impact. And the process is only going to continue evolving.

Almost every Medicare Supplement carrier has their own e-application process.

e-Apps can cut approval times for underwritten cases significantly, as well as streamlining Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue submission.

Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plan enrollments were not as quick to join online processing, but they’ve made huge strides in the past few years.

The vast majority of carriers offer their own systems through their own portals.

To simplify the process for our agents here at Ritter, we developed a flexible tool to include many carriers on one online platform. It’s called Shop & Enroll, and it lets our agents submit the majority of MAPD and PDP business they write with us, online.

If you’d like to learn more about Shop & Enroll, we will go into much more detail in other modules.

We talk about how it can help you manage your clients with its CRM technology, monitor your carriers and enrollments, all in one place.

And it does all of that while providing a personalized website which includes compliant permission to contact and online storage of Scopes of Appointment.

And we even host monthly webinars for agents to learn more about Shop & Enroll and how it can work for your business.

Back to the submissions process.

For details on carrier submission specifics, again, I’ll refer you to our [Carrier pages on Ritter docs](

We’ve mentioned them numerous times throughout this module, and for good reason.

These pages are audited regularly to provide timely information regarding all aspects of each carrier’s senior market products.

From their basic contact and product information to detailed step-by-step processes for certifications and submitting business.

Our resources are really your resources, and they’re provided by teams of people behind the scenes that are available as your assets.

Your regional specialist helps you find the right products for your area and provides you with assistance to help you on your road to success.

There are also carrier specialists that focus on a specific carrier or a small group of similar carriers, like the Blue Cross Blue Shield carriers.

We also have product specialists that concentrate on product groups, like final expense plans, Dual-Eligible Special Needs plans, even ancillary products like dental, vision, and hearing plans.

These teams work together to give you personalized service and help you make informed decisions.

There’s nothing we would love more than to help guide you on your insurance journey and help you thrive!

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