Building a Business Plan
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 6


Marketing is essential to the success of any business, but especially your insurance business.

How will you tell the world, or at least your selling market, about your new business?

Two ways… advertising and promotion.

Planning this part might seem like a daunting task, but that’s where a field marketing organization like Ritter can come in and help.

It’s what we do… help make your life easier and make your business successful!

We do that by working with the carriers we represent to provide agents with marketing opportunities and assistance.

Most insurance carriers offer some sort of marketing materials, whether it be postcards, flyers and posters that can be co-branded or paired with your business cards, even pens, cups, and other tchotchkes that can be handed out to your clients.

And most of these are offered at reduced prices, with discounts sometimes increasing based on your production of that carriers’ products.

Here at Ritter, we have an online store, where you can order leads and promotional materials personalized with your brand.

Then on top of that, we have our Agent Survival Guide blog and podcast, which both provide guidance, resources, and timely information through a searchable archive of articles and episodes.

Don’t forget about communication with your clients, either.

A monthly newsletter is a great way to introduce new products, feature client testimonials, and pass on timely information to your current clients.

It goes a long way toward building loyalty and retention, one of many tactics we highlight in our module on that topic.

Now that you’ve thought through marketing and you’ve completed the research on your market, we’ll put it all together.

Let’s talk strategy.

Developing a solid strategy for growth and then implementing it is the crux of your business plan.

You’ve completed the research and it’s time to get to the fun part… how will you conquer the world? Or at least your market?

First, remember strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.

The goal of strategizing is determining how to use your strengths, experience, and knowledge to develop a brand that people in your market are drawn to and trust.

Your clients, current and future, are literally putting their health care in your hands.

Make decisions based on what you would do for your family members who are over 65. Focus on marketing yourself, what makes you different, and why you want to help the senior market.

Remember, no matter where you are, there is always a chance that a client or future client is nearby, so always present yourself at your best.

That does it for the marketing section of our business plan.

Up next, we’re talking money matters — financial management. Head on over to the next lesson to get started.

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