Basic Concepts of Medicare
Laying a Solid Foundation | Lesson 8

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If all of these coverage options seem overwhelming at first, take comfort in knowing that is what presents the great value of learning these options in the first place.

The variety of coverage choices allows beneficiaries to find the best choice for them, but as I’ve said, they’ll need to rely on you as their Medicare advisor to point them in the right direction.

At first, Medicare can certainly seem like a puzzle, especially while you’re still learning.

Later on in Knight School, you’ll learn more about the enrollment opportunities, costs, and coverage details for each of these Medicare coverage options.

We’ll even talk about why Medicare Advantage may be a good fit for some, but Medicare Supplement might be better for others.

Once you have all the pieces, the puzzle will start to fall in place.

We might’ve come to the end of this series of lessons, but there are certainly more modules to choose from. Check through the resources below to learn more about the info you heard in the module.

And when you’re ready, head back to the Knight School homepage to select your next module.

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