Getting Licensed
Interested in Selling Insurance | Lesson 3

Who Qualifies?

Now that we know more about the type of license needed to sell senior market plans, it’s time to talk qualifications.

There are a few musts.

For a residential license, all states require that applicants be eighteen years of age or older. You must be legally considered an adult.

You also must be a resident, or maintain principal place, residence, or business in the state in which you are applying.

And then on top of that, some states have what they call a character requirement as well.

For example, in California, there are regulations on certain types of licenses that may not be held at the same time.

And then in Delaware, there are requirements that certain types of licenses must be held in order to hold other licenses.

Additionally, some states, like Georgia and Pennsylvania to name two, require would-be agents to complete educational training for credit, which we’ll get into more in the next lesson.

Requirements and regulations really do vary from state to state, so again, do the research ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

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