Sales Appointment Basics
Learning to Sell | Lesson 8

Taking the Application

Find the right fit for your client is likely the biggest hurdle in this process, but your work isn’t done just yet. You still need to submit the application to secure coverage for your client.

There are a few different methods of collecting applications, but for the sake of examples, we can classify them as either paper or electronic applications, and we’ll go from there. So let’s start with paper applications because those are pretty straightforward.

With a paper application, your client will complete a physical application that you, as the agent, can submit to the carrier.

Paper applications can be sent in a few ways, such as fax, secure email, and mail.

You’ll want to make sure you’re aware of carrier submissions and any additional requirements, like if a Scope of Appointment needs to be submitted with the application.

Next, we’ll take a look at electronic applications.

These can include enrollments completed on a website, a mobile app, or even telephonic applications for certain carriers.

Now, when it comes to electronic applications, each carrier will have its own tools and processes.

We recommend working with the Ritter sales team to get specifics on the different options for your carriers.

You can check out the carrier pages on the Ritter Docs site to view the application submission methods accepted by your carriers. You should also consider PlanEnroll!

Integrity’s PlanEnroll platform offers online enrollment for many Medicare Advantage and Part D carriers. And it can be a great way to simplify your sales process.

Regardless of how you complete an application, a few items will stay the same. First, you should be available to help your client with any questions they may have about the application.

Second, only your client or their authorized representative should sign the application on behalf of the client.

Under no circumstances, should you, as the agent, sign the application on behalf of the client no matter what method of enrollment you’re using.

Once an application is submitted, you can work with us here at Ritter and the carrier to track application and enrollment status for your client.

Of course, once they’re enrolled, there will be a few follow-up steps you’ll want to take. But we’ll cover follow-ups and retention in a separate module.

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