Assessing Needs to Recommend a Plan
Learning to Sell | Lesson 7

Understand What's Important to Your Client

Throughout your fact-finding process, you’ll learn about your client’s preferences in terms of cost, coverage, and access to care.

However, your client probably has more cares about their health than just those items.

So here, we want to ask each client the question, “what else is important to you in your health plan?”

One more specific question is, “are you looking for added perks from your plan?”

Medicare Advantage plans, for example, often include added benefits like gym memberships, ancillary coverage, or other perks like over the counter assistance.

While less common, some Medicare Supplement plans may include discounts on gym memberships as well.

If that is something your client is looking for, you may want to see what options are available in their area.

You may also want to identify which plan would be more convenient for your client to use.

Some may see Medicare Advantage as more convenient since beneficiaries use one card for their various health care needs.

Compare that to a Medicare Supplement plan, where a client needs to present their Medicare card and Medicare Supplement card for certain services, while also needing to present a separate Part D card when filling a prescription.

Others may see a Medicare Supplement as more convenient since there are fewer out-of-pocket costs, it tends to mean less bills and copays to manage.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but rather a few items your clients may be thinking about.

These concerns will often be secondary to the other preferences we discussed but are important nonetheless!

Ready to tie all these considerations together?

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