Expand & Dominate | Lesson 6

Building a Strong prescription drug plan Portfolio

How about adding in prescription drug plans?

This is where it can get a little tricky.

The right prescription drug plan for each client is going to depend on their specific prescriptions and preferred pharmacies.

It’s admittedly difficult to make sure you have the best option for any given client. But not impossible.

The best thing to do is be prepared with multiple options.

Luckily, most Medicare Advantage carriers will also offer PDPs, so by selecting your Medicare Advantage carriers, you may have also added your PDP options.

If the most commonly sold MA carriers in your market don’t also offer PDPs, add in a carrier or two that do, so you can broaden both your PDP and MAPD options.

As you work with more clients and run their prescriptions on Medicare dot gov, you’ll start to see which carriers commonly show as the best options. Keep in mind that not all PDP plans that may display when running a prescription drug quote are agent sold. In those cases your client will need to enroll directly through Medicare or through the carrier. However, by providing your clients with assistance in finding plans that will provide them the best coverage with the lowest out-of-pocket costs is a priceless

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