Why Taking It Slow is Good for Business

Ever hear of the “slow food movement?” The trend asserts that it’s worth taking the time to prepare meals that are good for your body, rather than inhaling empty calories just to satisfy the need to eat.

The same approach applies to ambitious insurance agents when creating a quality, sustainable insurance business. Starting slow provides important time to form a strategy, plan solutions to future problems, and assure you don’t forget anything important (like compliance)!

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Remain Committed to Quality

Early success won’t mean much if you can’t sustain it. So, there’s no need to rush! Despite what you may hear, you don’t always have to be the “first” agent to reach a client. You can still win someone over with superior service, more honest advice, or better rapport.

Early success won’t mean much if you can’t sustain it. So, there’s no need to rush!

After all, the insurance industry doesn’t need “just another salesman.” It needs the unique qualities only you bring to the table. That could mean a guarantee to meet face-to-face with every client. Or maybe you’re the agent who remembers everyone’s birthday and makes a personal call.

Growth is important, but growing too fast may sacrifice the quality you wanted to bring to the job in the first place. When starting out, think about the little things you can do to make each client feel appreciated.

Remember to Breathe

Burnout is a looming threat for insurance agents, especially those who set their own schedules. Taking time to regroup during slow times can set you up to be more successful during a busy season.

Burnout is a looming threat for agents, especially those who set their own schedule. Take time to regroup!

Use slow periods to organize your book of business and implement long-term strategies. For example, you could compile useful client details (like birthdays) into a spreadsheet or CRM, or take a stab at creating a template for a newsletter.

Put in Your Dues

You won’t own the market right away. Learn the business from the bottom up first. If you’re a downline agent, take advantage of the resources available to you from your upline. Once you’re more knowledgeable, you can consider starting your own agency and incorporating a downline.

While slow growth can be beneficial, you still need to learn fast! Here are a few ways to get ahead of the learning curve in your downtime:

  • Read everything you can about the industry – trade magazines, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Attend seminars/webinars, join a trade association, and network at conferences
  • Talk to more experienced peers for advice on best practices and mistakes to avoid

It wouldn’t be an accomplishment if it wasn’t hard!

Most importantly, take the time to put in work up-front so you’re set up for success later. It might seem like a lot of effort, but that’s the point. After all, it wouldn’t be an accomplishment if it wasn’t hard!

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