Tips for Becoming a Top Producing Insurance Agency

Becoming a top producing agency isn’t something that happens overnight. It will take work and maybe a bit of trial and error to see what will work best for your business and sales flow.

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Below are a few things you, as an agency owner, can do to help your business climb to the top and stay there!

Set Goals

It may seem simple, but setting goals is essential to your agency’s success. Consider this – would you work hard running a race if there’s no finish line to reach? Sure, success is an ongoing achievement, but it’s vague. Having explicit goals to measure growth are what will be beneficial to your business.

You can set daily, monthly, quarterly, or year-end goals and even use a mixture of these types. So, for example, you can work with your downline agents to set daily goals for their number of lead calls and also have quarterly sales goals in place. How many and the kinds of goals you set for your agency are, of course, up to you. It’s just important that you have something established to evaluate your progress and production. Also remember, when establishing your goals, be sure to make them SMART.

As you track your agency’s progress using your goals, make sure you keep your downline agents informed. Everyone’s work is contributing to the success of the agency and there’s no better morale booster than seeing a goal being met or exceeded!

Use Cutting-Edge Sales Tools

In order to reach the goals you’ve set and ramp up production, you’ll need to be equipped with reliable tools. In the Medicare business, a client relationship management (CRM) system, quote engine, and commissions tracker are just a few of the resources you’ll want to utilize. If your agency is partnered with a field marketing organization (FMO), there’s a good chance your FMO offers these kinds of tools. Ritter Insurance Marketing does, and we take it a step further by housing our tools and resources all on one interface — the Ritter Platform. The Platform is the hub for all of our industry leading tech, which makes managing your agency’s production trouble-free.

The tools on the Ritter Platform also work in conjunction with Shop & Enroll. This CMS-approved tool acts as a low-maintenance website that provides remote quoting, enrollment, and lead-generating capabilities. Having the means to work remotely has proven to be essential during the recent pandemic. Tools like Shop & Enroll prepare agents to continue selling during unforeseen and adverse circumstances. Both the Ritter Platform and Shop & Enroll are free to Ritter agents and if you’re not partnered with an FMO, it’s definitely something to consider. Taking just a moment to register with Ritter can give your agency a huge boost!

Continuously Market and Recruit

Another way to make sure your agency stays on top is to make sure you keep your business present within your local community. You can do this in a number of ways — volunteering, creating affinity partnerships, using traditional and modern marketing methods, etc. It’s just important that you keep your business on the radar of your target market year-round for those entering their Initial Enrollment Periods (IEPs) or a Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) and of course, during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Similar to marketing your business to gain more leads and clients, you also want to continue to expand your downline by recruiting new independent agents. Doing so helps your agency achieve higher commission levels and bump up your sales. Now, this may take time and should be done at a pace you can handle. You don’t want to take on 10 new agents if you don’t have the time or resources to properly assist and engage with each one, including the agents you may already be working with. Bottom line: Never close off the possibility for business expansion but hold off if it will cost you your production!

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Being at the top is big accomplishment, but if you’re not there yet it’s OK! Be proud of the progress you are making to achieve your business’ summit and make sure you’re doing all you can on your climb!

Don’t have an agency yet, but want to start one? Our guide, Developing an Agency — Your Guide to Getting Started can be your resource to help you get your own Medicare insurance business up and running!

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