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Looking for the latest health and life insurance carrier headlines and insight? We’ve developed several resources that help agents stay in the know with what’s changing in the constantly evolving insurance industry.

Ritter Blog Bulletin Page
Informational & Engaging Events
Easily Accessible Carrier Pages
Emails Right to Your Inbox
Active Social Media Pages
A Full Team of Sales Reps

Ritter Insurance Marketing has done all the work, so you don’t have to. These are our best health and life insurance carrier news sources. They’re all free, as long you register for free with our site (it only takes a minute)!

Ritter Blog Bulletin Page

We’re always adding new carriers to ensure that Ritter agents have the best chances at finding the right plans for all their clients. To stay on top of the updates, follow along via the Bulletin page on the Ritter blog! This page compiles all the posts highlighting new carrier contract opportunities, new products from carriers you know and love, and other pertinent updates regarding the products important to you. These updates are available for you to access 24/7 online at

The Bulletin page compiles all the posts highlighting new carrier contract opportunities and new products from carriers you know and love.

The Bulletin page will allow you to stay informed with quick hits on the things you need to know about the health and life carriers in your market. We’re interested in doing the best for you, so you can be the best agent for your clients.

Informational & Engaging Events

We do much more than create resources for you to read; we also create experiences where you can learn about upcoming carrier info, tricks of the trade, as well as Medicare selling tips. There’s nothing like an online or in-person experience where you can take a deep dive into subjects you need to know about to keep being a great insurance agent.

Ritter provides a calendar for an easy overview of all events Ritter hosts. While these events are free to everyone, these events may also contain news that is super helpful for agents! For all agents registered with, we provide a full calendar of exclusive events hosted by our carrier partners to keep you informed. Access the carrier event calendar here, through the Ritter Platform (login required).

Outside of these events, there are a few special events that Ritter puts on every year. These include our D-SNP, agency, and Medicare Advantage and PDP Summits, and the annual State of the Senior Market address. Ritter CEO Craig Ritter delivers this address every year, reflecting on the past year and looking at where the industry is headed. You can read a recap of the 2022 State of the Senior Market here.

Easily Accessible Carrier Pages

For agents who have already registered with Ritter, our carrier pages should be one go-to resource in your toolkit. Detailed carrier pages are available on Ritter Docs, accessible via the Platform. Bookmark this page to access our carrier pages whenever you need. (Note: You must log in to to see carrier pages on Ritter Docs.)

Our Ritter Docs carrier pages provide a quick overview of the answers to essential questions that come to mind when contracting with a new carrier or working on a new application with a client. Certification requirements, AHIP requirements, and helpful contact information is on these pages in a short, easy-to-read format. They’re all in one place — no more Googling!

Ritter puts in the effort of staying up to date to save you time!

Emails Right to Your Inbox

Even with all of these amazing resources, staying on top of carrier and product changes can be a lot to manage. We’ve taken the extra step out of searching for just the right link and just the right page. When it comes to updates and changes, you can get the latest info straight to your inbox by subscribing to our emails and email newsletters.

All newsletters contain product- and carrier-specific information that is vital to the industry. Ritter wants to keep you updated with new products, features, competitive plans, new carriers, and events that are popular near you. Of course, we also want you to stay informed with general Ritter news; carrier changes, coverage disruptions, reminders, and more so you never miss a beat!

When it comes to updates and changes, you can get the latest info straight to your inbox by subscribing to our emails and email newsletters.

Not receiving emails and would like to? Send us a message or give us a call at 800-769-1847! You can also opt into our newsletter by subscribing to our blog on this post! Enter your email into the subscribe box and click Get Updates.

Active Social Media Pages

Social media has exploded for businesses in the last few years. It’s also another tool that Ritter provides to agents for quick updates — whether you’re waiting for clients in between meetings or catching the bus.


These social pages include links to important posts, podcast episodes, and an easy way to access all of the Ritter updates you need to know about in just a quick second.

Learn why you should use social media as part of your insurance agent marketing strategy in our completely free Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents eBook!

A Full Team of Sales Reps

At Ritter, we’re proud of our dedicated, experienced, and growing staff. We have a full team of representatives who are educated on our carriers and have the most up-to-date information. They know what’s current in the industry and want to help you stay informed as well. Sometimes tricky questions arise, and you need an expert to answer your questions, and we have you covered.

We have carrier-specific reps who work with major carriers to answer any questions you may have, as well as direct you to the right place. We also know that Ritter agents work in many states across the country, so that’s why we also have a team of regional reps to help with whatever you need. Local field reps are available to assist in many states.

You can call 800-769-1847 to connect with a representative OR visit our Meet Your Sales Team page to find your rep’s phone extensions and emails to contact them directly.

● ● ●

Ritter has done all the leg work to compile dozens of helpful resources and technologies to help you become a better agent and save you time. Staying on top of carrier news is vital as an independent insurance agent, and Ritter is here to support you.

Register with RitterIM to gain full access to all the resources discussed in the post and be the best agent you can be.

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