Stay Protected with E&O Insurance from Ritter

Mistakes can happen to even the best trained, most experienced agent. Make sure your business is protected by obtaining Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance.

Why Buy E&O Insurance?

Like most insurance policies, E&O insurance provides policyholders with coverage that they hope they never have to use. However, it’s important to have this type of coverage to ensure your business remains safe and sound if mistakes do happen. Additionally, many carriers require you to hold an active E&O policy to contract with them.

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Does Ritter Insurance Marketing Offer E&O Insurance?

Ritter Insurance Marketing is pleased to offer low-cost E&O insurance options through Calsurance for our contracted agents.

Agents who have one or more contracts through Ritter can purchase full E&O insurance coverage at a discounted rate through CalSurance. This program offers multiple E&O options to choose from.

This enhanced coverage plan is tailored to the needs of agents contracted with Ritter and even covers contracts that aren’t through Ritter. Installment plans are available using a credit card or ACH (debit to checking) if you enroll online.

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With affordable options, we offer excellent E&O solutions for all of our agents! If you have any questions regarding our E&O insurance options, please send us a message or call 800-769-1847.

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