Ritter & ReminderMedia Partnership Offers Agents New Marketing Solutions

Content marketing is a strategic way to grow and nurture your business, but it takes time and effort away from sales. Now, Ritter agents can outsource content creation and distribution to the professionals at ReminderMedia at a discount.

Did you know that consumers who read a piece of content from a brand are 131 percent more likely to immediately buy from that brand compared to consumers who do not read any content? According to the same study by Conductor, those content-consumers are 48 percent more likely to buy from the brand after a whole week goes by!

While content marketing is great for businesses, at Ritter, we recognize not everyone has the unique set of skills or time to dedicate to it and see success. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many other insurance agents and business professionals feel the same way. We’re excited to say, we have your solution! Our new partnership with ReminderMedia can give you access to their unique marketing tools for $200 off.

Who Is ReminderMedia?

ReminderMedia is a print and digital marketing agency based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, that has been serving referral-based businesses since 2003. With a team comprised of more than 30 years of experience in advertising, sales, and marketing and one-of-kind techniques and tools, they’re the perfect partner for insurance agents who want to grow their businesses. You no longer have to worry about having the time or expert writing, design, and advertising skills required to exhibit professionalism and attract quality leads!

With a team comprised of more than 30 years of experience in advertising, sales, and marketing and one-of-kind techniques and tools, they’re the perfect partner for insurance agents who want to grow their businesses.

What Do They Offer?

When you partner with ReminderMedia through Ritter, you can send your clients professionally written and designed digital and print marketing materials that are customized with your name, photo, logo, and contact info.

Lifestyle, Home, and Health Magazines

ReminderMedia’s flagship products and services are their variety of personally branded bimonthly magazines that you can use to stay connected with clients and open up a warm touchpoint to develop a referral stream. This is your magazine that their staff writes, designs, prints, and sends out — complete with your branding and contact information — on your behalf. All you have to do is provide a contact list, your business information, and any personalized advertising content you’d like!


  • Four editions, including Start Healthy, Good to Be Home, American Lifestyle, and Business in Action
  • A personalized front cover and letter
  • Tear-out cards on different topics
  • 48 pages of quality content
  • Prime advertising space
  • Free sample of the magazine is available upon request

Email & Social Media Marketing

Stay at the front of your clients’ minds with regularly scheduled emails and social media posts. ReminderMedia writes, designs, and sends out the emails. You pick ready-made posts and share what you’d like to your social media accounts!


  • Curated local events biweekly email newsletter
  • Digital magazine email with three themes to choose from
  • Searchable library of thousands of social posts to easily share
  • Facebook Scheduler to plan, set, and schedule posts at your convenience
  • Full digital marketing platform


Keep in touch with your clients with customizable, professionally made post cards — prepared, printed, and mailed by ReminderMedia!


  • Provide your own contact list or buy one
  • Target your approach for your list and messaging
  • Tailor based on holidays, events, geography, recipient interests, and more!

A Ritter Agent’s ReminderMedia Success Story

Dawn Myers, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Delaware Valley Brokerage Services, part of the Ritter Insurance Marketing family of companies, is already working with ReminderMedia, and she’s seen some fantastic results fast! Here’s one of our favorite anecdotes that she’s shared:

After the holidays, I decided to order a few hundred magazines, sent to myself — I wanted to leave them in places where seniors frequented. I dropped some at local doctors’ offices, pharmacies, diners, and I decided to leave a handful at my local grocery store. I dropped five magazines off and drove to my office. Within a half hour of being at work my phone rang. It was a lady from the grocery store, and she wanted to schedule an appointment. We scheduled for that afternoon, and I wrote her on a Medicare Advantage plan. She said she had heard my name, and when she saw the magazines, she thought it was fate!

Hear Dawn discuss other ways partnering with ReminderMedia has helped her business!


How to Partner with ReminderMedia and Ritter

Ready to hand off some of the marketing work on your plate? It’s time to add ReminderMedia to your marketing tech deck. Partner with ReminderMedia through Ritter Insurance Marketing and save $200! Simply register with RitterIM.com first, then go to our sign up page with ReminderMedia!

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