Prospecting for Clients for Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Sales

If you’re considering selling dental, vision, and hearing (DVH) plans, where would you find leads? You might be surprised to learn that your DVH prospects could already be in your Medicare book of business!

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DVH insurance is essential to affordable comprehensive health care, but your clients’ Medicare coverage could be lacking in DVH benefits. Luckily, these ancillary plans can fill the gaps in coverage and give you opportunities to cross-sell and earn more commissions.

Let’s take a look at how finding clients to sell DVH plans to is easier than you may think.

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Think About Medicare Supplement Beneficiaries

Generally, Medicare Supplements do not provide coverage for routine dental or vision services. Your clients with a Med Supp plan may or may not realize this (it’s important you explain this during the time of quoting and enrollment) and that coverage could be something they really want or need. You can touch base with Med Supp beneficiaries already within your book of business and present the option of purchasing DVH insurance through your preferred DVH carriers. Also, be prepared to offer DVH products during enrollment meetings with new clients purchasing Med Supp plans!

Your Med Supp clients may not realize their plan does not provide routine dental or vision services.

Consider Current Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

Unlike Med Supps, a majority of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans do include some DVH benefits. However, the coverage usually isn’t comprehensive, resulting in your clients being exposed to potentially high out-of-pocket costs for these health care services. Luckily, DVH products can perfectly complement your clients’ MA plans and provide the enhanced coverage they need! Your book of business is just ready and waiting, full of more selling opportunities.

Remember DVH Plan Replacement

If you’re already selling in the DVH market, there’s a chance your book of business holds some DVH plan replacement opportunities. It may make sense to recommend a new DVH plan to a client who already has one in place. Whether the reason is lower premiums or better benefits, your clients will certainly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to explore other options that might work better for their specific situation.

Another reason to consider proposing DVH replacements is that ancillary products like DVH insurance can be sold year-round. Unlike selling Medicare products, you won’t be at the mercy of an enrollment period! Additionally, you’ll also open the opportunity to check in with clients you might otherwise only connect with during the Annual Enrollment Period.

It may make sense to recommend a new DVH plan to a client who already has one in place.

Start DVH Conversations

Don’t be shy about bringing up the benefit and possible need of supplemental DVH coverage to your clients. It’s very likely they might not know that their Medicare plan lacks full coverage for DVH services. When you start the conversation regarding DVH insurance, you’ll open the opportunity to not only gain more commissions, but also supply your clients with full, well-rounded health care coverage.

Utilize the Ritter Platform’s CRM Tool

Determining who could really benefit from a supplemental DVH plan will surely be a lot easier if you use a reliable client relationship management (CRM) system. Within the Ritter Platform, we feature a Clients tab that acts as a CRM. You can easily maintain your book of business and access Shared Client Records, which store clients’ personal, health and past plan info. When the time comes for you to follow up with your MA or Med Supp clients, the Clients tab can show you all you need to know about their current health plan and needs. You’ll be able to easily assess if a DVH plan will be beneficial to tack onto your clients’ existing Medicare coverage!

Introduce the Shop & Enroll Blog

A great resource you can use to help get your clients thinking about DVH insurance is the Shop & Enroll blog! The Shop & Enroll blog features both fun and informative posts on an array of topics, both insurance and non-insurance related. Among the posts, you’ll find some great educational content about the importance of ancillary products, like dental, vision, and hearing. You can share these posts with your clients, and you might even enjoy reading them, too.

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Selling DVH insurance can benefit you and your clients. The opportunity to sell these plans is right under your nose, and with the right tools, you’ll surely be prepared to offer them!

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