Interview: Optimize Client Acquisition by Becoming a Registered Social Security Analyst

We’re excited about the new opportunities Ritter agents have to offer their clients for even more benefits and support.

Our ASG Podcast host, Sarah J. Rueppel, sat down with Registered Social Security Analyst’s (RSSA®), Tom Drapala to discuss the organization’s new partnership with Ritter and how agents can optimize this opportunity with clients.

We’ve selected highlights of their conversation below. Keep reading to discover why becoming RSSA®-certified can be an asset to your insurance business.

To hear the full interview and more about the RSSA® program, listen to the full episode:

Can you tell us just a little bit more about yourself and what it is that you do?

For those of you who are new to understanding RSSA®, it stands for Registered Social Security Analyst®. We are a turnkey Social Security program for education, technology, marketing, and support for insurance and financial professionals to integrate Social Security planning into their practice.

What exactly does it mean to be a Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA®)?

RSSA® is a designation that an agent or advisor would receive by going through our program. And that designation is approved for continuing education by Broadridge, FI360, NASBA, the CFP Board, and the IRS. We’re also listed on the finder directory. We’re currently approved in 42 out of 50 states for insurance continuing education credits (CE) as well, depending on the state, and it’s usually around nine credits. Now, we wanted to go through all of those licensing boards to build the credibility between our organization and the partners that we serve, as well as the agents that enroll in our program.

Can you go into a little bit more detail? Maybe tell us a little bit about why the program was developed.

So, in 2017, RSSA® first got off the ground as more of a continuing education program only. We’ve now expanded to a much larger, broader platform where we have an all-in-one program…

We have a five module e-learning course that gives you that structure on Social Security rules, the types of benefits, benefit eligibility. And then in module five, we have our own proprietary software technology called the RSSA Roadmap®. And everything in between Social Security can get very complicated, right? So, we give agents the tools they need to be able to help their clients. And in turn, that builds that trust and that rapport and that relationship where they want to work with that agent on the other aspects, such as Medicare and other things that they [agents] provide.

You had mentioned that step five of the RSSA® process has roadmap software. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

I think the technology is the most important part because the RSSA Roadmap® is our own proprietary software that we created. We wanted to create a very simple and user-friendly way for agents to integrate this software and technology and Social Security planning into their practice. With the main thing in mind for [agents], which is time, we don’t want them to spend a ton of time having to use this program and software taking away from their core business. We want them to utilize this in a way where it’s going to increase their sales opportunity, but in a timely manner … to hand that client that tangible personalized report takes no more than five to 10 minutes.

The big reason for that is that once the information is in the system, it will automatically generate that client’s calculations their benefit options and it automatically creates that personalized report so there’s no heavy lifting on the agent. The big part of the software is that when it creates that report, it’s very easy for the agent and the client to understand, but it allows that agent to set up that one-on-one appointment, to walk that client through their options, to answer their questions, and to build that relationship where those other sales opportunities formulate from there.

What type of people is this program for? Is there a specific kind of professional or a specific type of agent that you’re looking for?

We have all different insurance and financial professionals in our program from Medicare agents to CFPs, CPAs, and elder care attorneys. It really is a great program for anyone looking to get in front of that aging-in demographic.

We give agents all the training, but it’s not just about going through our program and being educated. We give [agents] everything they need after that to integrate this into their practice. We have weekly trainings, provide them with the marketing material and give them everything they need to be successful using this [program].

Are there any other things that you would like to touch on that maybe we missed as far as the RSSA® program goes?

Well, I think if you’re thinking about doing this, it does take a little bit of time. The program to get through is about 15 to 20 hours. And it can’t be one of those programs that you fake your way through and just try to get it done. You do need to learn the material. This is for the agents who are serious about increasing their business, really taking it to that next level, and using this kind of investment into your business to do so.

Also, there is a price involved. For the program package, it’s $1,850, which is a significant discount for Ritter. If you were to go through the program individually it’s over $3,000.

Should an agent want to start going through the process of becoming an RSSA®, what do they need to do?

The very first step is to enroll in the program… Once you get started, we email you right away and let you know the exact steps on going through the modules and give you that support. If you do have any questions, you could always reach out to the team at Ritter or myself. My email is [email protected]. I’m happy to answer any questions as well.

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We hope you now see the value in adding an RSSA® certification to your accreditations to offer support to your clients. We encourage you to listen to the full episode to hear more about the program and our collaboration. Register with Ritter for free to have access to all of our partners!

Editor’s Note: This article is based on an episode from our ASG Podcast. We have modified content from the original recording. To listen to the full episode, visit

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