Interview: 5 Things About Working With Ritter Insurance Marketing

Joining a field marketing organization gives insurance agents the tools and support they need to take their businesses a step further. What sets Ritter Insurance Marketing apart?

Our ASG podcast host, Sarah J. Rueppel, sat down with some members of our staff to speak about the extensive perks Ritter offers.

To learn more about working with Ritter, listen to the full episode:

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1. Access a Wide Variety of Products

Like most FMOs, we connect independent insurance agents with carriers to help you get the contracts you want. Mike Atchison, Market Development, and Damon Logan, Sr. Sales Specialist in NC, SC, TN, talk about the products Ritter offers.

If you’re in the insurance business, we offer all the products that you would actually want to sell, from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement, life insurance, and under-age products.

Being in the senior market, that also means that there’s other supplementary type of coverages … These are going to be hospital indemnity plans, cancer plans, dental, vision, and hearing. Pretty much anything that’s in the senior market, we’ve got it covered.

Just because you’ve got contracts through another upline, it doesn’t mean you can’t also work with Ritter! One of our former Sales Learning and Resource Development team members, Jarred Wagner, [explains]…

Ritter has 120-plus carrier partners, and you can have as many or as few contracts with us as you choose. Obviously, we would love for you to have all of them with us, but at the end of the day, it’s your decision.

2. Easily Find and Connect with Leads

Each [FMO] offers their own suite of tools and services geared toward running your insurance business … One thing we do here at Ritter that I’ve got to highlight: taking the guesswork out of finding leads. Our Carrier Team Supervisor, Jazmine Johnson, has all the details.

By visiting, you can view leads that are geared towards Medicare, final expense, Special Election Periods, Annual Enrollment Periods, and even Shop & Enroll. There are also leads that are geared towards hosting an educational event. This could be by direct mail or an event flyer. You could use your contact information and display your logo, and let your clients know where to meet you and what topics will be covered.

Agents must register with Ritter and have at least one active contract through Ritter to purchase marketing materials on Orders will be rejected if both requirements are not met.

3. Receive Powerful Marketing Support

We can’t forget about marketing. Rather than split your time between making sales and promoting your business, you can rely on our FMO to do some of that marketing lift for you. Our Under 65 Health Manager, Danica Stover, tackles marketing tips.

There [are] three primary ways that we typically work with agents to help them with their marketing plan. First up is the resources. Next up is strategy, and the third way that we help is through support.

For resources, the primary resource that we offer is our ShopRitterIM website. This features CMS-approved direct mail pieces, promotional trade show items, and branded marketing pieces.

Once you’ve reviewed the resources that we have available to you, we have local field representatives and territory sales specialists, that work directly with you to help you customize your plan and answer your questions.

The next piece is going to be support. We typically [offer] co-op at the agency level. If you work with an agency, make sure you reach out to your upline to discuss what the options are for you.

4. Organize Your Business with Leading Technology

There [are] still a few other ways that Ritter Insurance Marketing stands out from the rest of the FMOs out there. To tell us more, here’s Jake McGeoy, Senior Manager of Agent Relations in DC, DE, MD.

What I feel really sets Ritter apart from other FMOs, I’d summarize in three basic parts. One, technology, which has always been a strength at Ritter. The second one has to do with the contracts. And, the third is training and support.

From a technology standpoint, I feel like the Ritter Platform is very unique … it was custom built for this industry. It’s not cookie-cutter … When you guys [agents] have feedback that you provide to me, I share that with people on the tech team, and they’re able to actually update and make changes to it to improve the experience.

Also the Ritter Docs site is almost like a Medicare wiki. There’s everything you could ever imagine in there, from every carrier to where to find your certifications every year for Medicare Advantage and prescription drug. Those are all huge and can really be a time saver for you.

The contracts [are] also great. You can get contracts at a lot of places, but there [are] not many places that have all of the contracts we have, first off. And second off, the transparency on the commission levels with the contracts is really, was for me, a big key point in wanting to do business with Ritter, when I was just an independent broker and not affiliated with the company.

Lastly, and probably most important, the support, the training, and the people … It’s hard, as an agent, to get support from other people that actually are licensed agents that have sold insurance. And, that is one thing that you can get here at Ritter that you won’t find a lot of other places.

5. Get an Unmatched Level of Service

And then, there’s the question I think every FMO gets. Does Ritter have an open release policy? Our New York Director of Sales, David Eshaghian, answers this one.

Yes, Ritter does have an open release policy. We believe by releasing a broker upon request, we can always have them come back if, wherever they were going, the promises that were being told were not kept…

Practicing this open release policy has shown Ritter that we do get a good percentage of them to come back to Ritter. Competition is very fierce in the FMO world. People are always being offered leads [and] more money to leave. But the level of service that we provide cannot be matched.

A mentor of mine once told me it’s always easier to get someone than to keep someone. And one of the ways we keep someone is we give them a high level of service and commitment.

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Those are just five things about Ritter Insurance Marketing… there’s a lot more that we have to offer! If you want to learn more about how to utilize all we have to offer here at Ritter, listen to our full podcast episode! Also make sure to register with Ritter for free to access our easy-to-use tools and sales technology.

Editor’s Note: This post is based on an episode from our ASG Podcast. We have modified content from the original recording. To listen to the full episode, visit

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