How to Be an Adaptable Insurance Agent

In today’s ever-changing world, being adaptable is not only good for business, it’s a necessity.

As an insurance agent, you need this skill to keep up with the times and your clients’ unique needs. We’ll cover why and how being flexible in the insurance industry can help to boost your business in the long run.

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Expect the Unexpected

When the unexpected happens, don’t let it throw you for a loop. Be willing to adapt and tackle a tough situation or change with confidence. The most recent example of how being adaptable can work in your favor is adjusting to the new norm of selling insurance in a world with COVID-19. It’s certainly hard to predict when a pandemic is going to hit, but you can still make the most of the situation.

Practicing adaptability during COVID times may look something like having video calls instead of meeting in person or relying more heavily on online tools, such as Shop & Enroll — we’ll cover this more in depth in the next section!

Learn New Technology

In 2021, there’s technology pretty much everywhere we look. From a business perspective, adapting to new technology can help you become a much more efficient insurance agent. There’s nothing wrong with paper applications, but if you haven’t tried online enrollments with Shop & Enroll, it’s worth a shot! This tool is easy, effective, and user-friendly. You can create your very own website (for free!) to complete safe and compliant Medicare enrollments online. Your website can also help you engage with leads and prospects, which can never hurt. Shop & Enroll is powered by Ritter Insurance Marketing’s Platform CRM, which allows agents to use Shared Client Records to send drug cost estimates and prefilled applications to clients — making the process convenient for both you and your client.

The Ritter Platform is another technological advancement created by Ritter to help agents like you. This comprehensive agent dashboard can help you keep track of your client data, contracts, enrollments, downlines, and commissions in one convenient place. You can also utilize our Tasks tool to make handy to-do lists and stay on track with scheduled appointments.

Our flexible software is developed in house with our agents in mind. We take our agents’ input into consideration when making any changes and advancements to our technology, so you can be confident the resources you’re using are adaptable, compliant, and personalized. Technology can help you boost and streamline your business if you’re willing to try something new!

Use Feedback to Your Advantage

Being adaptable also means responding to constructive criticism. Ask your clients for feedback often and listen to what they say with an open mind. Adjusting your work style or how you go about helping clients to meet their needs may help you become an overall better insurance agent. Granted, their requests should be reasonable, and fingers crossed, you won’t have to deal with a difficult client. But if they would like you to follow up with them more often or have more availability in your schedule, adapting to meet their needs should only improve your chances of retaining their business!

Embrace New Challenges

Just as embracing change can help you grow, so can embracing new challenges. When you tackle a problem with a positive attitude and an open mind, you allow your business the ability to flourish. Focus on stepping outside your comfort zone when a challenge arises. For example, it might be difficult to find coverage for a client with a certain condition or specific prescription, but it’s your job to help your client find a plan that fits their needs.

You may come across some personal or professional challenges too, like making time to complete your CE (continuing education) requirements and always staying compliant with the Medicare Advantage & Part D Communication Requirements. Make adjustments accordingly to take on these challenges with confidence. Permit yourself to try something new when looking for a solution and see how, over time, being adaptable will lead to less stress for you and even happier, more satisfied clients!

● ● ●

In any business — but especially in the insurance industry — being adaptable can only work in your favor. Next time the opportunity arises to practice your new sales approach, we hope you’ll keep this advice in mind. Being an effective, successful agent comes from more than just knowing the ins and outs of insurance. It’s also about your ability to be flexible, driven, and willing to help your clients in the best way you can. Remember that each client is different and will have their own unique needs. If you can adapt to your clients and the changes that come about in the industry, you’ll be set!

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