How Selling Insurance Helps Give Back

Insurance agents work closely with and rely heavily on the members of their community to do business. Did you know your career can also give back to that community?

For many of us, it’s important that our job has a positive impact on the world around us. It may surprise you to learn that selling insurance does just that.

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As an insurance agent, you’re invested in the people in your neighborhood, and the small businesses they frequent. This provides ample opportunities to help potential clients and enrich your community.

There are several ways your career in insurance sales makes a direct impact on those around you.

A partnership of this caliber means more potential clients, which means more sales.

Your Affinity Partnerships

In an affinity partnership, you’re asking one brand (a local establishment that shares your clientele’s demographics) to refer insurance prospects to you. But when you join forces with a local business, you’re not just promoting your own business to people in your area.

Sure, when potential clients enter these local establishments (pharmacies, senior centers, churches), you’ve got the advantage of being recommended as an insurance advisor. But you’re also promoting the good this organization does in your own community, and therefore affecting not only potential clients, but your community at large.

A partnership of this caliber also means more potential clients, which means more sales, which means more folks in your area benefit from the services you and your partner have to offer.

By getting involved on the ground level, you’re showing potential clients your sense of humility and ability to see their concerns as real and relatable.

Volunteering Your Time

Another way to give back is through a more hands-on approach as one of the faces making a difference on the front lines of your neighborhood. This can be as simple as searching which charities or groups in your community are holding volunteering events and extending a hand.

Agents can also seek out the insurance companies they represent for possible opportunities in their area. Various companies have volunteer programs with regular events or drives that you can join in to support. The RitterCares initiative from Ritter Insurance Marketing also provides agents with chances to join employees at volunteer outreaches in their communities.

By getting involved on the ground level, you’re showing potential clients your sense of humility and ability to see their concerns as real and relatable, making yours a more trustworthy brand.

Sponsoring Events

That soccer team you sponsor? That’s not just great marketing, it’s also giving back to a worthy cause. Yes, your name is on the back of their T-shirts, but you’re also localizing your small business and gaining the trust of those kiddos’ families.

When potential clients see that you have a vested interest in bettering the world as they see it, they’re more likely to trust that you’re also invested in bettering their lives directly. It’s a subtle but impactful way to create business opportunities.

Not to mention, something as simple as donating money to a community event is a savvy way to brand yourself on a budget. Consider sponsoring the business banners hanging on the fences of a high school’s football or baseball field. It’s a small expense that can catch a lot of eyes while also supporting that local team.

Customers want to participate in a charitable cause!

The Charitable End of Your Business Model

If you’ve already incorporated a way to give back into your business, you’re probably aware that it’s also appealing to your customers.

Think about brands that are founded on helping those in need. At some businesses, for every unit bought, a unit or percentage is donated. You know of these brands because they’re so popular, and customers want to participate in a charitable cause! By marketing your business as one that thrives on helping others in the process of doing business, you’re not just helping others — you’re laying the foundation for a solid business model.

In addition to this aspect of your career having a direct and immediate impact on your neighbors, you’ll also benefit from a tax break and happy employees. An online survey from Cone found that those who feel good about the impact their company has on the world are five times more likely to stay with their employer.

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Prioritizing your community in your business model not only looks good, it yields tangible and lasting benefits for both you and your neighbors.

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