Geisinger and Kaiser Permanente Announce Launch of Risant Health!

Exciting news — Geisinger and Kaiser Permanente are announcing the launch of a transformative solution for health care in America called Risant Health, a new nonprofit organization created by Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. Upon regulatory review and approval, Geisinger will be the first health system to become part of Risant Health, expanding and accelerating the adoption of value-based care in communities across the country.

The combination of Geisinger’s industry-leading team and Kaiser Permanente’s resources will enhance their capabilities to care for even more people and communities and accelerate the vision to make better health easier, more accessible, and more affordable for members and commercial clients.

A few things to know:

  • No matter what line of business you sell, your Medicare clients, your ACA clients, or your employer groups and their employees will continue to have access to world-class health care services through their commercial health plans.
  • Not only will your clients still have full access to all Geisinger facilities and providers, but Geisinger will continue to partner with non-Geisinger providers to offer a full range of health care options to members.
  • By joining Risant Health, broker partners and plan members will ultimately see enhanced services and more care options. Geisinger will continue to make major investments in their facilities and digital technology, including automation and consumer-focused tools.
  • A major focus will be bringing more value to members through some of the leading-edge, consumer-friendly digital tools that Kaiser Permanente offers patients and health plan members.
  • Geisinger employees will remain Geisinger employees. Day-to-day operations will continue to focus on delivering great care, providing excellent support to care teams, and offering outstanding customer service.
  • The broker support structure currently in place, including the care team, will continue to be locally managed.

For any questions, call the broker care team at 866-488-6653 or email [email protected].


How will this affect plan pricing and member out-of-pocket costs?

Geisinger and Kaiser Permanente do not expect health plan or insurance premiums and deductibles to go up as a result of this transaction. A variety of factors influence premium costs and deductibles, however, this transaction brings together two organizations with similar missions and a focus on better patient health outcomes, greater affordability, and improving the health of people in the communities they serve.

Will my GHP plan be transitioned to a Kaiser Permanente health plan?

No. Current GHP accounts will remain with Geisinger.

Will Geisinger accept Kaiser Permanente coverage? Can a KP member use Geisinger’s health plan and care facilities?

Kaiser Permanente’s affiliated health plans will not be licensed in Pennsylvania, and Geisinger does not accept KP coverage. This transaction will not change the way Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger’s patients and members access and receive care today. While we expect the transaction will create opportunities for continued enhancements, after the partnership is approved, Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger patients and members will continue to access care in the same way as they do today.

Will national or multi-state customers be able to access Geisinger coverage through Kaiser Permanente?

Yes, national or multi-state customers will still be able to purchase Geisinger health coverage through Geisinger after this transaction just as they can now.

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