Final Expense Lead Programs through Ritter Insurance Marketing

At Ritter Insurance Marketing, our goal is to provide our agents with the tools, products and support that they need to succeed as an independent agent, as well as offer the highest compensation possible for the business they write.

In order to do so, we do not offer “free” leads to our life and annuity agents in exchange for lower commissions. Rather, we allow our agents to purchase the type of leads that work best for them from their chosen vendors. However, we do offer lead programs from vendors that we have tested and found successful at lower negotiated rates than can be found in the general marketplace.

In addition, Ritter will offer lead subsidies to qualifying agents. Below you will find details of our current final expense and individual life lead subsidy program and information on lead programs that we are currently offering to our agents.

Ritter Insurance Marketing Lead Incentive Program for Final Expense

Agents may qualify for lead subsidies for final expense if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must be appointed with at least three final expense carriers through Ritter Insurance Marketing.
  • Must have produced $5,000 in issued annualized premium per month in the previous three-month period through Ritter Insurance Marketing to qualify.
  • Must be direct to Ritter as a General Agent (Level 4).

For more information, please contact Ritter Insurance Marketing at 800-769-1847.

Voice Leads for Final Expense

New Lead Program available to Ritter’s Life and Final Expense Agents

Verified Life Insurance Leads – A Telemarketing Lead that can Increase your Production.

Ritter Insurance Marketing has partnered with Voice Leads to provide our life insurance agents with these highly effective, verified life insurance leads.

  • Negotiated rate of $25 per final expense lead
  • Pricing for mortgage protection and other lead types starting at $35
  • 60 percent appointment set ratio
  • Exclusive territories
  • Fresh, highest quality leads
  • Exclusive leads — lead is only provided to one agent

The telemarketers at Voice Leads conduct an extensive interview with the prospect to determine their level of interest in receiving more information from an agent. First, they are asked if they want more information on our life insurance products? If they say they yes, then the prospect is asked to provide their name, age, the amount of coverage they are looking for, their beneficiary and the relationship, the mailing address, date, time. They also go the extra mile by asking if anybody else in the home needs a quote as well. Once the interview is completed the prospect is thanked for the information and informed that a licensed agent in their local area will return the call and answer all their additional questions. The lead is then immediately emailed over to the agent with all the answers typed out.

Ritter Insurance Marketing has tested these leads with several of our top agents. Feedback provided shows that our agents are closing sales on up to 50 percent of the leads they have received.*

If you would like to try this program out for yourself, you may place an order at Ritter’s Online Lead Order Website or call 855-68-LEADS. If you place your order over the phone, please make sure you mention that you work with Ritter Insurance Marketing to receive the discounted rate of $25/lead.

*Results will vary by agent. Ritter Insurance Marketing makes no guarantees regarding the success of the leads provided by Voice Leads.

Direct Mail Leads from Ritter Insurance Marketing

We have final expense leads available at a discounted rate for our agents with at least two carriers appointed under Ritter Insurance Marketing.

These mailers can be done at any time of year, with any criteria you’d like, such as area (zip code/county) age range, and income limits. We can also run lead counts for you to see what kinds of numbers you would be working with for your mailers. The cost for the direct mail Final Expense leads is $490 per 1,000 pieces mailed. The return cards are sent directly to the agent unless directed otherwise. Once the order is placed the leads will arrive approximately three weeks from that date.

For more information about our lead card mailers, please contact Whitney Goodling at (800) 769-1847 x232 or [email protected].

Prospecting Lists

Another type of lead available is a prospect list or name list, available for $65 per 1000 names. These lists can be customized with the income and age criteria you specify. Prospects are scrubbed against the Do Not Call List (DNC) and come in an Excel format for your use.

For more information about our prospect lists, please contact Whitney Goodling at (800) 769-1847 x232 or [email protected].

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