Create a New Space to Increase Your Sales

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned agent, prospecting can be a challenge for anyone in the insurance business.

Recently, one of our agents had a great idea to help put his agency out there and gain some new clients.

Listen to this article:

This agent converted an in-office childcare space into a “Medicare Resource Room.” Using newspaper ads, he continues to promote the room as a comfortable place where his clients can get an introduction to Medicare in a pressure-free environment.

The last thing you want is for your consumers to feel like they have to decide on a plan right then and there. That’s why this agent created an inviting place where clients won’t feel pressured to make a purchase just because they’re in an insurance office.

Resources for Your Own Room

Want to try a room like this for your own business? is a great resource for your new, relaxed space! This tool allows you to easily lay out all the plan options for your clients and compare them right there on the screen.

When it comes to Medicare, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” plan. It can be very overwhelming for anyone trying to decide what health insurance coverage will best fit their medical needs.

That being said, as an independent agent with a vast portfolio, you can ease the pressure a little bit. Since you’re not trying to sell them one specific plan from a certain carrier, your clients can be assured that you have their best interests at heart. Creating a sense of trust and rapport with the people you’re working with is imperative to having successful sales. Maybe a change of scenery is the boost you and your clients need to make that happen.

Converting Prospects to Sales

Successful promotion of your own Medicare resource room is bound to attract new prospects. If one of these prospects does commit to an in-person appointment (yay!), you still need to document a Scope of Appointment.

Note: For the 2024 Annual Enrollment Period and beyond, CMS has reinstated the 48-hour rule.

● ● ●

The Medicare resource room continues to bring success to the agent who put it together, especially during the Annual Enrollment Period.

And this is only one person’s idea of how to make AEP better! What ideas do you have to better serve your community? It doesn’t have to be huge. A simple low-pressure, inviting space can go a long way.

Let us know your business ideas, and together we can have the best AEP yet!

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