A Review of the Top Call Recording Applications for Compliant Medicare Business

Every insurance agent knows, staying compliant is key. As new rules and regulations come into effect, sometimes a need arises for new tools and resources to help you keep your business running.

In October 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began enforcing a call recording requirement for all Medicare agents and brokers. As a result, numerous call recording tools were rolled out to become the seamless solution to this mandate. With all of the options, it can be hard to decide which system to use.

Let’s review five effective call capturing options you can adopt to keep your Medicare sales business compliant!

MediCall® from Recordia®

MediCall® is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service call recording system offered by Recordia®. This HIPAA-compliant solution is available in three subscription plans — small business, enterprise, or corporate.

Additional features of this tool include:

  • Phone numbers or providers can remain the same where available
  • Secure and encrypted
  • Call recordings retained for 10 years
  • Record conversations via landline or mobile phone
  • Access to an International Telephone System
  • Easy to implement with full user support

While there is a monthly cost to use this tool — $40 per month for the small business plan — the features can certainly make it worth the expense.

Learn more about MediCall® from Recordia®

TTEC’s Mobile Record and Store Now

TTEC, a full-service Customer Experience (CX) consulting and solution provider, offers Mobile Record and Store Now to field agents. Through their partnership with Cisco, their call recording technology is backed by the power of Webex.

This resource offers:

  • Cross-channel cloud calling, recording, and retrieval
  • Centralized communications via a single app
  • Efficient service and user management
  • Private transcribed call recordings with keyword alerts and AI-enriched insights

Further information about TTEC and how to gain access to their call recording and storing can be acquired on their website.

Learn more about Mobile Record and Store Now

Senior Market Sales® Call-Recording Solution

Senior Market Sales® (SMS) has a call-recording solution to help agents remain compliant. Through partnership with Phone.com, their call capturing system is integrated into their Lead Advantage Pro® tool.

Key functions include:

  • Call recording achieved with one click
  • 10-year call recording retention with an active account
  • Recording accessible from desktops or mobile devices
  • Easy search and retrieve functions via the agent dashboard

In addition to their call-recording tool, SMS offers additional business phone system features such as video conferencing, text messaging, voicemail transcription, and more. Access to these features is gained through registration with SMS.

Learn more about SMS’ call-recording solutions

Call Recording in Integrity’s MedicareCENTER

Our partner, Integrity, offers a smart and simple solution to the call recording mandate. Their all-in-one platform, MedicareCENTER, is equipped with an easy-to-use Call Recording feature that captures inbound and outbound client calls.

Users also experience:

  • Easy linking of calls to both new and existing client contact records
  • Secure and automatic recording retention for 10 years
  • The ability to download call recordings anytime, anywhere

Integrity’s Call Recording tool and other functions within MedicareCENTER are free to registered users.

Learn more about MedicareCENTER’s Call Recording

Ritter Insurance Marketing’s CallVault

Finally, Ritter proudly offers our own call capturing tool within our comprehensive agent dashboard. CallVault is featured among our selection of proprietary sales tools on the Ritter Platform.

This tool also enables:

  • Compliant and secure recording and storage of both outbound and inbound client calls
  • Easy access to the outbound calling feature through the Platform’s Clients tab
  • Fast generation of an inbound CallVault phone number in seconds from an agent profile
  • Quick assignment of a CallVault phone number to forward ring to any number in an agent profile
  • Seamless assignment of call recordings to the appropriate client record

CallVault is available at no cost to all agents who are registered with RitterIM. Registration with Ritter is quick, easy, and free!

Learn more about CallVault

Which Call Recording Tool Should You Choose?

No matter which call recording tool you select for your business, what’s most important is that it works for you and keeps you compliant!

Ritter agents have an advantage if they choose CallVault since it’s housed on the comprehensive Ritter Platform where they’re already quoting plans and contracting online. Not only that, CallVault is seamlessly integrated with the Clients tab that holds client records. Each element of the Ritter Platform works together cohesively and our call recording tool is no exception!

If you’re not partnered with Ritter yet, registering on RitterIM.com is simple and free and unlocks CallVault, our other tools, first-rate sales support, and so much more!

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