5 Perks of Being a Part-Time Insurance Agent

If diving head-first into a new profession isn’t quite your style, we understand! New beginnings can be a little scary.

Maybe you’re thinking of entering the insurance industry full-time but don’t want to jump in full-swing, or maybe you have some extra time and skills you’d like to invest in a new craft. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Consider the benefits of being a part-time insurance agent!

1. Explore the Industry

One huge perk of becoming an insurance agent part time is you can see if this job’s a good fit for you with minimal risk. You may end up saying, “Nope, not for me,” and if so, no harm, no foul. Many career paths don’t even offer a part-time option, but lucky for you, the insurance industry encourages it.

By selling insurance part time, you can learn which carriers and products you prefer to sell and begin developing lasting relationships with clients. If you have friends or family members who need Medicare plans, helping them get coverage would be a great place to start. Selling to someone you’re already comfortable around may help to prepare you for future meetings with other clients.

You may find that the insurance industry can be a very profitable way to work for yourself, have a flexible schedule, and help the people you work with! A part-time insurance business is a great way to dip your toes in the water and find out if it’s right for you.

2. Keep Your Day Job

Another great advantage of selling insurance part time is you don’t have to quit your day job. Essentially, you can make your own schedule and work around your other commitments. In fact, you may even find that many clients prefer having appointments in the evening or on weekends, leaving your weekday nine-to-five job unaffected.

If you choose to keep your “old” job, we’d recommend picking a few days or times during the week to devote to your insurance business. You don’t want your clients to get upset with you if you can’t take their call due to being at your other job.

Pro tip: Let clients know when you will be available to help them to avoid potential frustrations.

If you have children or a busy schedule in general, a part-time insurance business can allow you to earn money extra money while enjoying time with your family or participating in the activities you may have missed out on!

3. Earn Supplemental Income

Looking to make some extra cash on the side? Now’s the perfect time to start selling insurance!

While we would never recommend going into any profession solely for the money, some people do enjoy earning something a little extra on top of their primary income. As long as you’re in it for the right reasons, you should be able to find success — and enjoyment — within your career!

When selling insurance, the majority of your earnings will come from commissions. What’s that mean for you? It’s your call how much time and energy you want to invest into insurance sales, and how much money you want to make! Want to earn more and push your insurance career further? Consider adding new carriers or product types to your portfolio! Complete a free portfolio review with our sales team to see what options you could offer your clients!

4. Help Your Community

Health insurance offers the security that everyone needs at some point of their life. While working as an insurance agent part time, you can help a wide group of people find the coverage they need to protect themselves physically and financially. Consider offering Medicare plans to seniors or ACA products to help individuals in your community that are under 65.

As a part-time insurance agent, you’ll have the opportunity to help family, friends, neighbors, and others close to you and earn a living while doing it.

5. Feel Empowered

Being a part-time insurance agent doesn’t mean you have to go it alone — even if you become an independent agent (which we’d recommend over being a captive one). There are several types of professional organizations that can assist you every step of the way!

Luckily, you also don’t need to be a full-time agent to work with a field marketing organization. We suggest partnering with a top FMO, like Ritter Insurance Marketing, to learn how to get appointed with health insurance companies and get set on the path to success. Even as a part-time agent, you’ll still have access to all of Ritter’s tools, resources, and webinars. Ritter’s support and technology can assist you in many facets of your career and help to shape you into a highly motivated, well-rounded agent.

● ● ●

Working as a part-time agent allows you to really hone in on the kinds of plans your clients want and what you should offer. Be sure to gain as much as you can from this experimental period. You may find you’d like to make insurance a full-time gig — and if you do, reach out! Whichever path you end up choosing, you can succeed if you put your best foot forward.

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