Want to make sure your clients' coverage needs are met, but don't want to worry about additional certifications? We can help when you start using the Ritter Referral program.

You know your clients need prescription drug plans, but you don’t want another agent encroaching on your turf! That’s why we’ve created the ultimate PDP solution for you and your clients: the Ritter Referral program.

  • Let us know about your clients who need a prescription drug plan.
  • Our staff will find out what medications they take.
  • We’ll determine which plan fits their medical and financial needs.
  • You’ll earn $5 for every referral, so don’t worry about lost commissions!
  • Our team will encourage clients to check in each year and let us know if they’re satisfied with their plans.

Ready to refer a client? Fill out the form or call 844-863-0544 for more info on how to get started.