The Ritter Platform Launches New Drug Cost Estimator and Prefilled Applications

Two brand-new features have been added to our comprehensive agent dashboard. Say “hello” to the Drug Cost Estimator and prefilled applications!

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Over the last few months, we’ve been working with an industry-leading drug cost database to enhance our quoting tool on the Ritter Platform. We’ve also been gearing up to help you streamline the application process with your clients! What we’ve developed are easy-to-use features for comparing prescription drug costs within available Medicare plans and prefilled Shop & Enroll applications. Now, just in time for the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), our Drug Cost Estimator and prefilled applications are up and running for our agents to use.

The Drug Cost Estimator and Shop & Enroll

The Drug Cost Estimator is our latest Ritter Platform tool to be integrated with Shop & Enroll. To use the feature at its full potential, it’s essential that agents have a Shop & Enroll site and invite clients to create their own Shop & Enroll accounts. These Shop & Enroll accounts securely store clients’ personal data, which can be pulled and used for quoting, enrollment and now, drug cost comparison and prefilled applications. It’s also worth mentioning, these records are updated in real-time and shared between the agent and client, so both can make updates as necessary.

The information entered into the clients’ Shop & Enroll accounts is available within the Clients tab, which acts as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, in the Ritter Platform. From there, the Drug Cost Estimator can be accessed!

How Does the Drug Cost Estimator Work?

The client data available in the Clients tab is used to run an estimate on how much a client would pay for their drugs in each of the Medicare plans available to them. Medicare Part D plans place drugs into tiers and assign different costs to those tiers. This tool enables agents to make a plan recommendation based on more specific factors that are unique to each client.

The best way to access the Drug Cost Estimator feature is to first, log in to the Ritter Platform and navigate to the Clients tab. From the client list, the Quote tool can be opened using the calculator icon , found under Action, in the row of the client you’d like a quote for. Since the quoting tool was opened through the Clients tab for a specific client, their information populates into the tool and is ready for quoting. The drug cost estimates for specific plans appear by selecting Part D from the drop-down menu under Product.

In this view, Part D plan details generated from specific client info is shown including:

  • Plan name
  • Rating
  • Premium
  • Deductible
  • Low Income Subsidy (LIS)
  • Annual drug estimate
  • Total estimate plus mail order cost
  • Total estimate plus retail cost

All available plans in the client’s zip code will appear for comparison. The plans that the agent is contracted and appointed to sell will be indicated by a green, Ready-to-Sell label below the plan name.

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to use our brand-new tool, as well as all of the other great features in our latest Platform release, log in and review the Quote page and Release notes on Ritter Docs.

See the Drug Cost Estimator in action!


Sending Clients Prefilled Shop & Enroll Applications

From the Quote tab, you can begin a prefilled Shop & Enroll application using the available data from your Shared Client Record. Simply click the pencil icon to start a submission for any plan you’re contracted to sell. As much data as possible from your Shared Client Record is transferred over to the enrollment application.

From there, you can review the application and when completed on your end, you can choose to publish your submission. At that point, ask your client to log in to your Shop & Enroll site, review, and sign off to complete their enrollment. It’s really as easy as that!

See how to start and share a prefilled application!


You can log in and read more about prefilled applications on Ritter Docs.

Note: Prefilled applications are only available for health plans with enrollment enabled on Shop & Enroll. Only agents with a Shop & Enroll site can collect online enrollments. Get your own Shop & Enroll site today!

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We keep our eyes and ears open for the obstacles and stressors agents face in this industry. If there is something we can do or create to make the sales process smoother for agents, we’re going to do it! Become a Ritter agent by registering on and experience all that we have to offer!

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