The Ritter Platform Launches CallVault for Compliant Medicare Sales Call Recording

Our comprehensive agent dashboard just keeps getting better! We’re excited to introduce CallVault to your collection of proprietary sales tools within the Ritter Platform. This enhancement allows you to record and store all calls with Medicare beneficiaries easily and securely.

As you’re likely aware, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is enforcing a new call recording requirement for all Medicare agents and brokers. As a solution, our in-house development team has created an easy-to-use call recording experience.

Here’s how CallVault satisfies this challenging compliance requirement!

Simply Record Outbound and Inbound Sales Calls

CallVault equips agents to record and store both outbound and inbound calls, including plan presentations. You can seamlessly access the outbound calling capability through the Platform’s Clients tab and generate an inbound phone number in seconds from your agent profile.

Note: In order to make or receive calls using CallVault, you must have a valid phone number listed in your Platform account.CallVault is available today to all registered agents.

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Making Outbound Calls

Starting an outbound recorded call is as easy as three steps:

  1. Log in to the Ritter Platform
  2. Enter the Clients tab
  3. Click the Headset icon next to the phone number listed under Phone or Mobile in your client list

Ritter Platform Client List Start Call Screenshot

Behind the scenes, call recording is completed through the use of the trusted third-party recording app, Twilio. Once you initiate a call through a client’s record in the Platform and click Start Recorded Call, the app sets up a recorded line. This call flow is a simple process.

  • Twilio calls you, the agent
  • You accept the call and press a keystroke to prompt connection to your client
  • Twilio calls the client
  • Client accepts the call and recording

At the beginning of an outbound call, you must read a mandatory notice that informs the client that the call is being recorded. The Platform prompts you to provide this necessary notice and collect a Scope of Appointment if you don’t have one already.

Once the call ends, the recording is stored in the new Call Logs tab within the client’s record. This is where you can access and manage the client’s recorded calls.

Ritter Platform Access Your Recorded Calls Screenshot

Pro tip: Load your clients’ phone numbers into the Clients tab so you’re prepared to quickly use CallVault for outbound calls!

Receiving Inbound Calls via a Generated Number

Recording your inbound calls is just as easy, if not easier, than outbound! All you need is to do is generate your CallVault phone number.

Once logged into the Platform, access your agent profile by clicking your name in the top-left corner of the page. Select Edit my Profile and click the Generate Number button.

Ritter Platform Generate Number Screenshot

Any time a client dials this generated number, a recording is started upon answering the call. Once the call is closed, the recording is stored in the Calls tab located at the top of the Platform’s main view. All inbound call recordings are located here and not automatically assigned to a client. Because of this, it’s essential that you keep your Calls tab organized and assign recordings to their prospective client as soon as possible. Doing so is quick and easy:

  1. Enter the Calls tab
  2. Click on the Arrows icon next to the recording and search for the client
  3. The call recording will then be moved to the Call Logs tab within the client’s record

If the call is from a new client who doesn’t have a client record yet, click the Person icon to create a new record.

Additionally, you can assign and reassign this number to forward ring to any number within your Platform profile, such as your mobile or office number.

Pro tip: Be sure to update your marketing materials to feature your CallVault phone number!

Please note that, should a client call you via a phone number other than your generated CallVault number, the call will not be recorded and stored in the Platform. Should this happen, you can either:

  • Call the client back from the Platform following the CallVault outbound process
  • Politely ask the client to hang up and call you back using your CallVault number

Check out our helpful videos to see inbound and outbound calls with CallVault in action!





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We’re eager for you to use CallVault and find out how easy it is to adhere to the call recording mandate. Meeting the expectations and guidelines of CMS is imperative and that’s why we’re dedicated to making sure you have reliable tools available to help you do so. If you’re not partnered with us yet, registering on is simple and free and unlocks this feature and so much more!

Also, check out our collection of CallVault frequently asked questions for even more info on this exciting new feature!

*The CallVault compliant call recording feature is available today to all agents registered with

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