The Ritter Platform Launches 3 New Tools & Shared Client Records

Our comprehensive agent dashboard has some amazing new features that are bound to make building your business even easier!

The brand-new Shop & Enroll integration within the Ritter Platform now provides three new tools — Clients, Tasks, and Notes — just in time for the 2020 Annual Enrollment Period! Now, agents will benefit from easy, real-time information sharing with clients and more accurate plan quoting and selection.

New Tools on the Ritter Platform

The Clients, Tasks, and Notes enhancements to the Ritter Platform will act as Ritter’s new customer relationship management (CRM) system for agents. It’s important to note that the old Ritter CRM will no longer be available to agents after the end of the business day on October 7, 2019. Any information in the old at that time will be automatically transferred into the new Clients feature.


The Clients page allows you to maintain your book of business and manage your client relationships. When used together with Tasks and Notes, this lead management tool can help to maximize profit and productivity. Below are some notable features of this tool.

  • It allows agents to upload clients’ info, add notes, track products they sold, and create tasks.
  • It makes it easy to separate leads from prospects, so agents know who they can reach out to.
  • Fields were designed with Medicare beneficiaries in mind, so agents can store information they may need for senior sales.

Agents can actively add new clients manually, import clients via a spreadsheet, export clients, and merge duplicate client records. From the Clients page, agents will also be able to invite clients to create an account on, run a quote for a client with a zip code in the record, and more!


Tasks can also work hand-in-hand with Clients to provide a better way to manage your leads. You can create tasks for specific actions to maximize your productivity, to keep you focused, and to increase your profits. For example, you may want to set reminders for specific conversations with leads or set time aside for studying the latest changes to plans.

Agents can add tasks via the Clients page or the Tasks page. You’ll also see a snapshot of open Tasks next to Events on the Overview page of the agent dashboard. From there, you can click View All to go to the Tasks page.


On the Clients page, you can add notes. Simply click on the Sticky Note icon to add a note for a client.

Notes can be used to document personal facts or to capture information about interactions.

Real-Time Shared Client Record via Shop & Enroll Consumer Login

Along with the release of these Platform enhancements, we’re launching consumer logins on Shop & Enroll! From the Platform, agents can now send a Shop & Enroll-branded email to a client that invites them to create an account on

Upon creating an account on Shop & Enroll, clients can begin adding and maintaining their personal info into a consumer record. That record updates in real-time with the record you have on file in the Platform! We’re calling it your Shared Client Record, and we’re really excited about the future possibilities of this integration. Not only does it seamlessly work with your Ritter Platform, it allows your clients to be more active in their enrollment process.

The info your client can see or add to their shared record includes:

  • Previous plan history
  • Primary care providers, hospitals, and pharmacies
  • Prescription drugs (including dosage and quantity)
  • Notes of conditions such as allergies, diseases etc.
  • Personal info such as contact information

While agents do not need to have a Shop & Enroll page to create Shared Client Records and collect Scopes of Appointment, clients can’t complete a direct online enrollment for available plans unless it’s on an agent’s Shop & Enroll page.

We keep a steady eye on the senior health insurance market and we’re always looking for ways to help agents do their job faster and better than ever before. You can gain access to all of our free tools by registering with (It’s completely free and only takes about a minute!)

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