Ritter's Quest for Cash Is Back Again for 2022!

We’re back again for 2022 with Ritter’s Quest for Cash Medicare Supplement production incentive! We’re happy to say that you can expect some awesome prizes throughout the year!

The incentive rewards Ritter’s top Med Supp agents who write and issue the most qualifying Med Supp apps over the course of the year. The top 10 producers at the end of the year will earn cash bonuses from a $30,000 pot, with the top producer taking home $10,000! We’ve also got prizes for leaders in YTD production at the end of each quarter!

The winners will be based on the number of applications you submit and issue!* Ties will be broken based on premium. In addition to having Medicare Supplement production through Ritter Insurance Marketing, you must be certified and ready-to-sell for at least one Medicare Advantage and Part D company (although no production for MA/PDP will count toward the contest).

Quest for Cash Payout for Most Apps Written

Quarters 1 to 3 Prizes


Quarter 4 Prizes


*Applications submitted for disability/under 65 will not count. Medicare Supplement applications submitted through Humana will not count.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will winners be determined?

A: Winners will be determined based on how many qualifying Medicare Supplement applications they wrote and issued. First place will be awarded to the direct-to-Ritter agent with the most qualifying Medicare Supplement apps written and issued, second place will go to the direct-to-Ritter agent with the second most apps written and issued, etc.

Q: How will ties be broken?

A: Ties will be broken based on premium. If three agents wrote and issued the same number of qualifying apps, the agent with the higher premium total will win the rank. The agent with the next highest premium total will get the next rank, and the third agent will get the rank after that.

Q: For which companies will my Medicare Supplement apps count?

A: Your Medicare Supplement apps will count for all participating companies* through which you’re contracted with Ritter as the direct upline. Just use our Medicare Quote Engine or Shop & Enroll to find a competitive product in your market, get contracted with Ritter, and start writing!

*Applications submitted for disability/under 65 will not count. Medicare Supplement applications submitted through Humana will not count.

Q: I produced Medicare Supplement business through Ritter Insurance Marketing in 2021, but never received a bonus. Why not?

A: To qualify for the bonus, you must meet all criteria, including being ready-to-sell for at least one Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D (PDP) plan through Ritter Insurance Marketing. If you are not direct to Ritter, your upline may have requested that their agents not participate in this contest. It’s also possible you didn’t produce enough to qualify.

Q: I’m a top producer, and I have top-level contracts. Can I still qualify?

A: Yes, you can hold top-level contracts and still qualify.

Q: My contract is not direct to Ritter. (I have an intermediate upline.) Can I still qualify?

A: No, you must be direct to Ritter to qualify for this incentive.

Q: I have an agency. Can I “pool” production from multiple agents?

A: No, this contest is only for writing agents who are direct to Ritter.

Q: Will I get a 1099 for my award?

A: Yes, if you win the end-of-the-year prize or any other monetary prizes.

Q: If I don’t write my Medicare Supplement business through Ritter, does it still count?

A: No.

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Do you have more questions? We’ll answer them! Call 800-769-1847 and ask about our Quest for Cash.

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