Ritter's Medicareful Platform Expands Online Medicare Enrollment for 2018

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Medicareful®, a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-approved Medicare product comparison website, added six prominent carriers to its online enrollment platform for the 2017-18 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

With its latest release, Medicareful now features online enrollment for Aetna Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and prescription drug plans (PDP), Coventry (MAPD), Humana (MAPD), CarePlus (MAPD), Anthem (MAPD and PDP), Amerigroup (MAPD), and Independence Blue Cross (MAPD) plans. These additions join Humana (PDP), SilverScript (PDP), Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (MAPD), and Univera Healthcare (MAPD) as plans available for direct enrollment online.

“With the addition of these carriers, Medicareful has enrollment options for plans which cover 42% of all Medicare beneficiaries that have chosen an MAPD or PDP plan,” Ritter Insurance Marketing President Craig Ritter said. “This greatly increases the utility of this platform for our agents.”

Using a licensed sales agent’s unique Medicareful site, Medicare beneficiaries can contact their agent and enroll in select plans. All online enrollments are tied directly to the agent for commission credit.

“Medicareful is designed to enhance every aspect of the agent’s workflow: marketing, plan selection, enrollment, and retention. It’s much more than a simple enrollment tool,” Ritter said. “Agents can manage all of their referral, lead generation and co-marketing sources through one platform to maximize their customer base. Streamlining the scope of appointment and enrollment processes through Medicareful enhances our agents’ effectiveness during the Annual Enrollment Period.”

Through technology developed by Ritter Insurance Marketing, Medicareful validates the agent’s certification status, state licenses, and state appointments to ensure compliance with CMS’ ready-to-sell regulations. Once this instant validation is complete, a Medicare beneficiary can complete the enrollment process in less than 10 minutes without leaving Medicareful. Agents immediately receive an email confirmation, and the beneficiary also gets a confirmation that their enrollment has been sent to the health plan or Part D sponsor for processing.

Medicareful’s revolutionary eScope is now more powerful than ever for licensed agents. In 2018, CMS relaxed the rules for a Scope of Appointment (SOA), the document that verifies a Medicare beneficiary’s consent to a sales appointment from their agent. The new guidelines allow agents to assist their clients from SOA through presentation to enrollment using a single phone call.

Medicareful’s eScope enables contracted agents to compliantly document their Medicare appointments on their website. The electronic copy of the eScope is retained in the agent’s CRM and the agent can electronically sign for submission to any Health Plan or PDP Sponsor that accepts a generic Scope of Appointment.

Medicareful.com is developed and maintained by Ritter Insurance Marketing. Agents contracted to sell select Medicare products through Ritter Insurance Marketing are eligible to receive their own unique Medicareful.com URL at no cost.

Ritter Insurance Marketing, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a national field marketing organization for senior insurance products. With more than 460,000 Medicare policies in force, seven offices, and 160 employees, Ritter Insurance Marketing is a national industry leader in the external marketing and distribution of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D plans.

If you’re interested in your own site, visit our Shop & Enroll page.

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