Our Plan to Help Agents Record Calls for Medicare Sales

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Final Rule for Contract Year 2023 creates a new requirement that calls with Medicare beneficiaries be recorded in their entirety.

This responsibility applies to all agents and brokers, which are considered third-party marketing organizations (TPMOs) under CMS’ Final Rule. These are “organizations that are compensated to perform lead generation, marketing, sales, and enrollment related functions as a part of the chain of enrollment.”

Record Medicare Marketing and Sales Presentation Phone Calls with Ritter’s Help

RIMdev, our in-house software development team, has produced a solution to securely record and store outbound marketing calls started from a client’s record in the Ritter Platform, as well as any inbound calls received at the unique phone number you’ll generate for yourself through the Platform.

We’re calling this feature CallVault, and we’re so excited to deliver it as a solution to not only relieve a compliance burden, but to further enhance and streamline your sales processes in the digital age.

call recording demo

We encourage you to begin using CallVault by loading phone numbers for all your clients who will receive benefit reviews this AEP into the Clients tool on the Platform. Read more about how to simply add and manage your own book of clients within our Platform. —> Remember, registration for and use of Ritter’s Platform CRM is free. Sign up in just minutes today!

Our partner, Integrity, produced an FAQ document to help independent agents understand their responsibilities and obligations under the Final Rule. Download the FAQs here!

We understand this is a new and challenging burden on licensed sales agents like you. As we learn more about this requirement, we want to ensure that you’ll have tools available to meet the expectations and guidelines of CMS prior to and through the 2023 AEP.

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