Medicareful 2021 Year-in-Review: The Records We Set Together

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In today’s world, where remote work prevails, health insurance agents need a reliable Medicare quoting and enrollment tool they can use to simplify and complete the majority of their business with carriers and consumers. Enter Medicareful.

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If you’re trying to decide whether or not to use Medicareful, it’s important to consider all the facts. Read on to discover what Medicareful helped agents accomplish throughout 2021 and the 2022 Annual Enrollment Period and the features that continue to set it apart from its competition.

A Brief Overview of Medicareful

What is Medicareful? Simply put, it’s a no-cost consumer-facing quoting and enrollment tool that agents can use with clients during appointments, remotely or in person!

Medicareful is a website agents can customize with an easy-to-share URL of their choice, their name, their business logo, and their contact information. With their own Medicareful site, agents can collect electronic Scopes of Appointment, quote Medicare plans, as well as directly enroll clients in several major Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. The data comes directly from CMS and CSG Actuarial, so agents can trust it’s accurate!

You may be wondering, since it’s no-cost, is Medicareful legit? Yes! It’s 100 percent CMS-approved. To get a free Medicareful site, agents must have at least one qualifying contract through Ritter Insurance Marketing. Medicareful is integrated with, and powered by, Ritter’s Platform CRM, so agents can do business in one place!

With Medicareful, you can:

  • Access a turnkey marketing program with customizable, predesigned materials approved by CMS
  • Send FastTrack prefilled enrollment applications that just require a signature
  • Save drug lists and send drug cost estimates
  • Have your clients create accounts/logins associated with your unique site
  • Enjoy exclusive sales incentives

Medicareful’s Growth in 2021

Medicareful continues to be a leading Medicare quoting and enrollment tool for agents in the senior health insurance market. This is evident through the increasing number of agents who use Medicareful and the increasing number of enrollments agents complete through the site.

Agents Actively Using Medicareful

Throughout 2021, 1,429 agents have submitted apps using Medicareful for their Medicare sales needs!

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MA & PDP Enrollments with Medicareful

Medicareful’s Enroll Now buttons have helped to streamline Medicare Advantage enrollments and prescription drug plan enrollments for several years now. For 2022, online enrollments continued to play an important role in protecting the health of many Medicare eligibles during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Medicareful helped agents put safety first and complete more than 32,000 seamless online enrollments during the 2022 Annual Enrollment Period!

Ritter Enrollment Data Medicareful Apps vs. Paper Apps 2021 & 2022 AEP

Together, we had our best October, November, December ever, in regards to Medicareful enrollments. Thanks to our agents’ hard work and trust, we saw Medicareful have a record-breaking 2,095 Medicareful enrollments in one day! This is about eight times the number of Medicareful enrollments we saw in the entire first AEP for Medicareful (the 2017 AEP).

Yearly Medicare Enrollment Growth by Plan Type

Number of Medicareful Enrollments in the 2017 AEP vs. Single-Day Record

Over the course of the 2022 AEP, Medicareful agents wrote 18 more applications than non-Medicareful agents working with Ritter on average. The average agent submitted one paper app in the 2021 AEP prior to using Medicareful, and for the 2022 AEP, they submitted 14 Medicareful apps and one paper app. Medicareful helped these agents do more business and saved six trees in the process!

Medicareful Agents Submitted 18 More Apps Than Non-Medicareful Agents & Saved At Least 6 Trees

Note: This enrollment data only includes carrier applications that Ritter processes. It does not include applications that are processed directly by Ritter’s carrier partners as carrier AEP enrollment reporting times vary.

Key Updates for 2021 & the 2022 AEP

Carriers Added on Medicareful in 2021

At of the end of the 2022 AEP, there were 32 carriers available for quoting and online enrollment on Medicareful. In 2021, nine new carriers joined Medicareful.

Carriers Added on Medicareful From 2016 to 2021

The following carriers were available on Medicareful in 2021 for the 2022 AEP:

  • Aetna MAPD/PDP
  • AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care/Keystone First VIP Choice MAPD-SNP
  • Anthem MAPD/PDP
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan MAPD
  • Capital Blue Cross MAPD
  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield MAPD
  • CareSource MAPD
  • Cigna MAPD
  • Clear Spring Health MAPD
  • Clover Health MAPD
  • Devoted Health MAPD
  • Elderplan
  • EmblemHealth (ConnectiCare) MAPD
  • Excellus MA
  • Geisinger Gold MAPD
  • Health Partners Plans MAPD
  • Highmark BSNENY & Highmark BCBSWNY
  • Highmark MAPD
  • Humana MAPD/PDP/D-SNP
  • Independence Blue Cross MAPD
  • Lasso Healthcare MSA
  • Medical Mutual MAPD
  • MediGold MAPD
  • MetroPlus MAPD
  • Molina Healthcare MAPD
  • Paramount MAPD
  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield MAPD/PDP
  • SilverScript PDP
  • SummaCare MAPD
  • Vibra Health Plan MAPD
  • Wellcare MAPD/PDP
  • Zing Health MAPD

Enhancements to Medicareful and the Ritter Platform

During 2021, Ritter made updates to Medicareful and the Ritter Platform that made sales even easier for agents. We’ve summarized these updates below.

FastTrack Enrollments

Our FastTrack update allowed agents to start sending prefilled Medicareful applications to any of their clients recorded in the Platform CRM — regardless of whether or not those clients had a Medicareful client profile!

Our team released this feature in August, and 2,464 FastTrack Medicareful applications were sent in 2021!

FastTrack Medicareful Applications for 2021

AEP Needs Report

In October, we released an enhancement that prompted consumers with Medicareful accounts to update their client record and let their agent know if they’d like to review their plan options this AEP by checking off one of the three boxes below. Their selection synced with their Shared Client Record in the Platform CRM, under Workflow Status, for their agent to review, so agents knew which of clients were content and which needed assistance!

I have NO CHANGES and I’m happy with my current plan.
I have NO CHANGES, but I would like my plan reviewed.
I have changes to my drugs, prescriptions, or pharmacies and would like a review.

Agency Management Capabilities

In September, uplines gained the ability to share leads with their downlines within the Ritter Platform. When a lead is shared with a downline, the upline agent still retains insight into the status of that record in their Shared tab within the Clients tool. This puts more power in a principal’s hands to distribute sales opportunities to downlines within their agency and make the most efficient use of time during the AEP. Since launch, nearly 1,000 leads have been distributed from uplines to their downlines using the Ritter Platform.

Quote Multiple Pharmacies & Search Providers

Our Platform Medicare Quote Engine got two important upgrades during 2021. In April, we added the ability for agents to quote multiple pharmacies. Then, in September, we added provider lookup tool to the Medicare Quote Engine. Agents have run a total of 57,698 pharmacy quotes since we started tracking those in May and have completed 26,729 provider searches since September.

2021 Pharmacy Quotes & Provider Searches

● ● ●

During these uncertain times, one thing is for sure: Medicareful continues to grow and help maximize more and more agents’ time and sales. We already have quite a few upgrades and improvements planned for Medicareful this year, and we hope you’ll join in accomplishing more with us!

Want to see Medicareful do even more? Tell us what improvements you’re looking for! We want to make Medicareful a tool that works best for all Medicare agents.

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