Medicareful 2020 Year-in-Review: Here's What We Accomplished

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Selling Medicare plans? You’ve probably heard of Medicareful. We’re reviewing what this free Medicare quoting software helped agents accomplish in 2020 and how it set itself apart from other online Medicare sales tools!

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Nowadays, it’s essential for agents selling Medicare Advantage and Part D products to have a compliant remote online Medicare quoting and enrollment tool. It’s our opinion that Medicareful meets all the requirements and has all the bells and whistles for agents seeking to streamline their business at a great cost — in this case for free! But, don’t just take our word for it, check out our agent-based stats for 2020 and the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period below. The numbers don’t lie!

What is Medicareful?

If you don’t already know, Medicareful is a no-cost, CMS-approved consumer-facing online quoting and enrollment platform with electronic Scope of Appointment and direct enrollment functionality. Generally speaking, insurance agents can get a free Medicareful site as long as they have at least one qualifying contract through Ritter Insurance Marketing.

Medicareful may be free but it’s also accurate (data sourced from CMS and CSG Actuarial) and easy to use with a clean, sharp design! Agents can have their site customized with an easy-to-share URL of their choice, their name, their business logo, and their contact information. Once it’s live, agents can use Medicareful to engage with clients and prospects to grow their business safely from the comfort of their own homes!

Medicareful’s notable features include:

  • No-cost, maintenance-free site with plan data directly from CMS and CSG Actuarial
  • Completely secure, CMS-approved consumer-facing quoting, enrollment, and electronic scopes
  • Integrated with and powered by Ritter’s Platform CRM (do business in one place!)
  • Client accounts/logins
  • Saved drug lists and ability to send drug cost estimates
  • Send prefilled applications that just require a signature
  • Turnkey marketing program
  • Special sales incentives for agents

How Our Agents Thrived with Medicareful in 2020

The numbers don’t lie! Every year, more and more agents turn to Medicareful as their premier Medicare quoting and enrollment tool and lead-generating site. And the platform delivers, helping agents complete more apps than in years past.

Agents Actively Using Medicareful

As of the end of the 2021 AEP, 1,325 agents actively use Medicareful for their Medicare sales needs — up from 59 agents in 2016. The platform is experiencing exceptionally strong growth year over year with no end in sight!

file description

Online MA/PDP Enrollments with Medicareful vs. Paper Enrollments

Medicareful has been streamlining Medicare Advantage enrollments and prescription drug plan enrollments for several years now with its online, direct enrollment functionality. This year, however, with the health of many Medicare eligibles at risk due to COVID, online enrollments became more of a necessity — rather than a paper- and time-saving “luxury.” But, Medicareful was once again there to help agents adapt and complete more than 29,000 seamless online enrollments during the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period!

file description

Here’s another special 2020 Medicareful statistic we’d like to share… on the last day of the 2021 AEP, we had a record-breaking 1,938 Medicareful enrollments in one day! This is four times the number of Medicareful enrollments we received the entire first AEP for Medicareful enrollments (the 2017 AEP). This is all thanks to our Medicareful agents and their hard work and trust!

file description

On average Medicareful agents wrote 16 more applications than non-Medicareful agents during the 2021 AEP. The average agent submitted nine paper apps in the 2020 AEP prior to using Medicareful, and this AEP, they’re submitting 19 Medicareful apps and three paper apps. That’s the equivalent of as many as eight trees saved thanks to Medicareful agents!

file description

Note: This enrollment data only includes carrier applications that Ritter processes. It does not include applications that are processed directly by Ritter’s carrier partners as carrier AEP enrollment reporting times vary.

Key Improvements for 2020 & the 2021 AEP

Carriers Added on Medicareful this Year

As of the end of the 2021 AEP, there were 24 carriers available for quoting and online enrollment on Medicareful. In 2020, eight new carriers joined Medicareful.

file description

The following carriers were available on Medicareful in 2020 for the 2021 AEP:

  • Aetna MAPD/PDP
  • Allwell MAPD
  • AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care/Keystone First VIP Choice MAPD-SNP
  • Anthem MAPD/PDP
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan MAPD
  • Capital Blue Cross MAPD
  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield MAPD
  • Cigna MAPD
  • Clover Health MAPD
  • Elderplan
  • EmblemHealth (ConnectiCare) MAPD
  • Excellus MA
  • Geisinger Gold MAPD
  • Health Partners Plans MAPD
  • HealthNow (BSNENY and BCBSWNY)
  • Highmark MAPD
  • Humana MAPD/PDP/D-SNP
  • Independence Blue Cross MAPD
  • Lasso Healthcare MSA
  • Molina Healthcare MAPD
  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield MAPD/PDP
  • SilverScript PDP
  • Vibra Health Plan MAPD
  • WellCare MAPD/PDP

Enhancements to Medicareful and the Ritter Platform

This year, Ritter fully integrated the Medicareful platform with our agent dashboard, the Ritter Platform. This was huge for agents looking to streamline their business. Why?

Improved Client Logins

Consumers have been able to create free profiles associated with their Medicareful agent’s site since the 2020 AEP. If a client created a Medicareful profile, that client could share details with the agent that were loaded into the client’s profile in the agent’s Ritter CRM. In an enhancement this year, Medicareful empowered agents and their clients even more with the ability to take those consumer profile details and allow agents to use them for drug cost estimating and prefilled applications!

Drug Cost Quoting

An agent can estimate their client’s drug costs and send them a quote based on the data a client provides when they create their own Medicareful account on the agent’s site. Agents can also manually enter drug information into a client’s record in the Ritter Platform without needing a client to create a Medicareful account, but we really encourage inviting clients to make the most of these Shared Client Records.

Learn more about how to perform a drug cost estimate with Medicareful and the Ritter Platform on our Quote page on

file description Note: Drug cost estimate data is through 12/7/2020.

Prefilled Applications

When logged in to the Ritter Platform, agents can send a client with a Medicareful profile a prefilled application that just needs their signature!

Read more about prefilled Medicareful applications at

● ● ●

We truly think 2020 has been a fantastic year for Medicareful and Medicareful agents. Many of our agents agree that Medicareful helps maximize their time and sales, and we hope you’ll consider creating your free site with us for 2021!

If there’s anything you can think of that would make Medicareful better, please don’t hold back. Let us know! It’s our goal to make Medicareful a tool that works best for all of our Medicare agents, and we don’t always know you want something, unless you tell us! Thanks for reading and for considering using Medicareful.

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