Do Your Clients Shop for Insurance Online? Yes!

About a quarter of adult internet users search online for information about health insurance, including private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, according to the Pew Research Center.

Right now, 75 million baby boomers are defining what Medicare means for them, so we’ve got to ask: What’s your website doing to attract and inform them?

Recently, we’ve seen carriers and other industry players realize the convenience of online enrollment. However, website management can be tricky. You’re a salesperson after all, not an IT guru.

Many agents don’t feel qualified to build or maintain a compliant website that benefits their clients and attracts new ones. Plus, many carriers now require review of contracted agents’ websites— yet another step in the compliance process.

Let Your Clients Quote for Free

At Ritter Insurance Marketing, we recognized your need for an effective, easy-to-use website and set out to meet it with Shop & Enroll. We believe agents should welcome the coming age of internet-savvy clients who compare and enroll in their plan of choice online. These clients see Shop & Enroll’s consumer-facing quote and enroll features as a valuable resource provided by an agent who puts his/her clients first. See how Shop & Enroll will change the way you do business.

Keeping up with technology doesn’t mean leaving your tried-and-true sales methods behind, but it does mean you can reach a broader range of clients. Our best advice is to never pass up the chance to offer a powerful tool at no cost to yourself or your clients.

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