Contract to Sell UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans Through Ritter!

We’re excited to announce our re-established direct partnership with UnitedHealthcare! You’re now able to contract with this well-known and trusted carrier through Ritter and sell their Medicare Advantage (MA) plans with our support.

Below, we’ve compiled some info you should know about UnitedHealthcare and Ritter Insurance Marketing.

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What You Need to Know About UnitedHealthcare & Ritter

UnitedHealthcare is a big player within the health insurance and Medicare markets in the United States, and notably known for their affiliation with AARP. They serve and provide health care coverage for millions of people, are dedicated to helping their beneficiaries live healthier lives, and work to create an overall better health system.

Through the renewal of our contract with UnitedHealthcare, we’re excited to combine their competitive and affordable MA plans with our cutting-edge sales tools and resources.

What Are the Benefits of Selling UnitedHealthcare MA Plans?

There are benefits for your clients and you when you sell UnitedHealthcare’s MA plans. Their affordable plans have added benefits, like dental and vision discounts or insurance, mental health and fitness resources, and more!

Agents receive lifetime commissions on most MA plans, and UnitedHealthcare has made online enrollment simple by including signature options for email, text, or in-person eSign. There are also excellent partnership opportunities with drug stores, grocery stores, and more based on your local market when you’re partnered with UnitedHealthcare.

Where Are UnitedHealthcare’s MA Plans Currently Available?

Their MA plans are offered nationwide! This is just another reason why these plans are a valuable asset to have in your portfolio. No matter where life takes you in the United States, you’ll be able to sell UnitedHealthcare’s MA plans!

Why Contract with UnitedHealthcare Through Ritter?

Ritter agents are equipped with sales tools designed to simplify the sales process. Through the Ritter Platform and Shop & Enroll, quoting and enrolling clients into UnitedHealthcare plans is simple and seamless. The Ritter Platform allows you to complete multiple functions on one interface. So, tasks like running plan quotes and drug cost estimates, managing client information, generating prefilled enrollments, and more can all be accomplished on the Platform. Additionally, Shop & Enroll and the Platform are designed to work in tandem to make client management and enrollment completion a cohesive process.

Sales technology is not where Ritter’s agent benefits stop. We create training and support resources such as webinars, blog posts, eBooks and guides, podcast episodes, and videos. Also, we have informative carrier pages filled with helpful information specific to each of the more than 120 carriers we’re partnered with.

We hope you’ll join us in offering UnitedHealthcare’s MA plans when the time comes! If you’re new to Ritter, you can register with our site here, so you have access to our tools and resources that can help you successfully sell these plans.

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We’re excited for the new sales opportunities this partnership will offer you! For more info, please contact your sales specialist.

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